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off pain)
When it turns off pain

A broken goddess, inattentive
Fowling lean, betrayed by youth
Our fortress struggles in suffocation
Sanguined by
Sometimes when inattentive
I become confused by my own actions
Slow to see in myself
The faults I'm quick to see in others

Barricaded with
on the natives
So I like to dance naked in front of my pets
But my cat was inattentive so I sent him U.P.S.
Playin' spin the bottle with my mom
I watch "Cops"
The problem now is, do you still want to stay with me?

You so blase, unconcerned, you're indifferent
You turn, inattentive in company
Should I ask you,
Inattentive, selfish dreamer, silver spoon
Hopeless promise, never noticed, death foretold

Someday they will love what you’ve done
Someday they will know that
an inattentive state 

What is left to be seen where next Newton 
Where next Shackleton 
What vision is left and is anyone asking
what's stuck in my head

You say that I shouldn't be so
Vague, inattentive, a law to myself
I guess that I live in a world of my own
And all that I
I signed up for her class to please an inattentive lover
I kicked him to the curb three classes in
Two years and four men later, I'm the queen
Oh, oh yeah, yeah,
She says I never listen and I'm inattentive to her emotions, yeah
I say she's got tunnel vision, only sees it her way,
So we never

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