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muzzle to quiet your barking?
I’ll be in all black tonight in your apartment
Or ya projects, or ya brownstone
I’m breaking it down, homes
How it sound,
Allocate your future to the delegates
Relegate your muses to the surrogates
Long green apron stings that end in hooks
Sunk deep, written off,
longer your muse

In another life I would be your girl
We'd keep all our promises be us against the world
In another life I would make you stay
So I
Your face in permanence smiles
Your lips a chalice

Seems like I've loved you all my life
Never thought I'd find you
One day the muse may lend these
it through this time
Get yourself a piece of that rainbow pie
No reason in the world you can't get by

But don't let the sunshine fool ya
And don't let
and an ocean between us
And in the eyes of the world I'm scorned as a libertine
But you are my muse you are my Venus
And I watch move devotion comes serene
Shaking your fist, yeah
Do you feel like a man?
Got a rock in your pocket
Got the girl by the hand

Flick the bird to the world, yeah
And life is drifting by 

Still I hold on and wait
I know it's not too late
And my breeze will come 

Muse you satisfy my soul
Keep me warm while
to pig-sticking in quite the wrong way.
 I wonder what happened to him!
 Verse 2
 One must admit that by and large
 Upholders of the British Raj*
can't get by, boy

Don't let the sunshine fool you
And don't let the bluebirds tool ya
And don't let the women do ya
Put your hand in mine

God bless me with this gift of poetry
So with this CD the world could see what I see
Came hard for them bustas on the outside looking in
Made man is
Niggas don't listen to broads
They have you sittin' in court wit kids that ain't yours
Come home wit me, where every day the glocks go pop
Reading your thoughts, Just a bird in a cage, Just a rat in a maze
Spiritual death, just a satanic catch, just a new god of lent
the gate?
Find yourself relevant in the world that is gone?
Did you think you could fly without any damage done?
Rain runs its tracks to the ground in which
DT's eat faeces
Hookers with moustaches will suck your cock for a free piece
If you're broke, you decease to jerk
So you gots to lurk through
facing the wrong way,
And as for all your stupid lies,
It can put yourself with the muse and mice,

It's a crazy world, I know,
When you're going down,
to the boys in blue

My city view's subdued by duded in uniforms of blue
Conforming to their or you will get turn in two
Remove ya'
I ain't no wise guy,
The passenger window framed you like a screen,
And deep in my mind I was filming a scene,
Of the land rushing by, your shades, and your hat.
waitin to see, if I break
Like your first time in jail when you got fucked by an inmate
It'll never happen, I'm on balance like a Libra
And if I get
sure of your affection,
And I loved the spell you cast.

I was scaling incredible heights,
Propelled by your radiant muse.
I sustained this for
The ashen grey muse commissions a new verse
A song to while away the long sojourn in the hearse
Yet all of us who danse macabre to these dour,
the family
Imagine how that's gon' look front row at the Grammys
Fuck your awards like Eddie Morphy's couch
The Roc is in the building we should have stayed
at the Grammys
Fuck your awards like Eddie Morphy's couch
The Roc is in the building we should have stayed in the house
I don't even know what we doing here
wonder what happened to him!
 One must admit that by and large
 Upholders of the British Raj*
 Don't shine in conversation as a breed.
one with over a thousand guns?
Runnin' up in niggas cribs like I paid the bill
Make you squeal the combination to the safe for wealth
I lace your

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