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This is (Hell)
This is (Hell)
This is (Hell)
This is

Hell, incest kids under pressure
In the corner clutching they genitals by the dresser
razorblade stash is out the bible, stuck to the chuch of the madman on a vital   

I conquer your honor 'n' the battle former, seven man control 
dead maybe
construct the rhyme
At a self-destruct in your tape deck
In your walkman or in your truck
Benzy box, boom box, comstock upon my block
Choppers hovering,
These fuckin' snakes man
Fuckin' up our lives
I'll take a piss in your oil fields
I want some motherfuckin' payback so, yo

I wanna run for
mother, honor your father, your people they links
Sink deeper in the thoughts and as quick get 'em out your brain
You get in if it's searchin, drive me
conceivin, for when I do perish, reasons for your grievin
That's not to say I plan on leavin here this evening
I'll be in Honolulu with Steven next season
your city I refuse to go back to funerals
Niggaz be dying to quickly
Cause the knuckle heads get buckled
I know they comin to get me in my life
Like I'm
when the cops approach you, you might have to put your hands up
Respect all people and show honor to the king
No matter what they think the Lord