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By Harry Nilsson A.S.C.A.P and Richard Starkey M.B.E.

Introduction: This one is the story of Harry Pollitt. 
Harry Pollit was at one time a very influential member of the Communist Party in England,
There's a little bit of you and some of me
There's a little bit of everything you see
But you don't know why Harry cried 
There's a time right
needle dear
Look at what they got you the crawly box

"Don't be such a baby, harry stop that now
The doctor's here to help you it's eastmann time
little mammy, what'll it be? hips or lips?

Harry snatches sister ob'dewlla 'x' away from thing-fish, bashing himself with it in an irrational manner.
Cated to a respectumal reclusium! yow! science!

(to harry & rhonda)
Ef y'all don't minds me sayin' so, I be'lieves it's 'bout time fo yo pathetical
doin' on jumbo evvy time! go on! get de lil' pompadour up in de air again! I lik
Part! hmmm! jes' like de olympics!

It's-it's fascinating the way
"He wants to talk to you," she said.
"All I know is he's somewhere in Nebraska,
hole up in some motel."

He handed her the groceries
They met in nineteen-eighty at the school disco
He kissed her for the first time on the last bus home
he said 'you be dirty Harry, I'll be Joey
I've been working on a toaster that can fry a lambchop
If I could get the wiring right
By christmas time next year I'm gonna have a patent
By the time the guests arrive
Ooh, already it was dark outside
Tables set with china dishes
We're welcomed in with tiny kisses
What's her name; I
that's disgusting! are you sure this guy is a prince?

He's an evil prince, dear...and part-time theater critic! they don't make a heck-of-a-lot
go a-tickling by 
Have a high time, burn money in the meantime 
They bleed you dry 
Those suckers are smaller than life 
Oh Moronica Queen
a traveled road

Come on, step inside
Come on, step inside, don't walk on by
Step inside
Come on, step inside

Standing in the sun, trolling cold maria
[lyrics by Harry Conklin]

We fear for our lands, fear for our lives
Fear for the sake of the world
A terrorist strike unforgiving and rude
[lyrics by Harry Conklin]

A flash of his blade turns your screams into silence
He laughs in your face as your life fades away

King of the night
a view
The holiday makers are few
The off-season beats the peak
And Sterling town's still fast asleep
I'm waking the Lion up
In me
Harry see me through
[lyrics by Harry Conklin]

All the years, fears and tears from the past
Lessons for all to learn
Clinging to life, how long will it all last?
As long
[lyrics by Harry Conklin]

Fires blazing electricity racing boiling my veins
Strength without ending the message we're sending
Is no pain no gain
Move aside and let me by, I'm a man who knows what he wants
Ain't nothing gonna get in my way, it's time you paid the cost

Gonna break ya, shake ya,
[lyrics by Harry Conklin]

There is a place that no one goes about
Or fears to conjure in the mind
Sacred chants heard whispered in the dark
the river
And we sat down in the grass
By the Eiffel tower
I was so happy we had met
It was the age of no regret
Oh yes
Those crazy years, that was
'Cause every time I turn on the news
I see a blac kman gettin' cuffed by blues
It's like a fight fixed, you throw a right kick
In the daytime get bashed
the river
And we sat down in the grass
By the eiffel tower
I was so happy we had met
It was the age of no regret
Oh yes
Those crazy years, that was
Hours passing by
With the beat one two
Said it's days like these kicking back
Just doing what we do

Number one I'd find some
Loving in the sun