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We live our lives in fever
In a choking sweat of fear
In the heat of the night you can
Feel so much
In the heat of the night I scream
across the street
And then it hit, I ain't really slept that long in a week
Matter fact I don't even remember falling asleep

Atlantic office claimin' J
parked across the street
And then it hit, I ain't really slept that long in a week
Matter fact I don't even remember falling asleep

Atlantic office
said that I'd be	 here always 
but I what I didn't tell you is that
this year the latest fashion is 2 lie in the heat of passion
this year the latest
to the heat
I was taken from the shadows
By the eyes of light

I am relentless with desire to get to you
Relentless and there's fire in everything I do
I feel so faint now
Don't know what I'm doin'
On my way to you in the heat of passion

Somebody better call the police
'Cause I'm feeling kinda
Rapture with a kiss 
The passion burning heat 

Gaze into those eyes 
See beyond within 
Gaze into those eyes 

Oh those sweet, sweet
You come with tender eyes
My welcome reprieve
My pleasant reprieve
It would be simple
To be seized away
By the heat of your smile
By the words
buzz my head
Ceiling fan broken, there's a heat in my bed
Street band playing "Nearer My God to Thee"
We met at the station where the mission bells
the clothes that I wore
She said, "We got a mutual friend over by the door,
And you know he's got our best interest in mind."
He was well connected but her
passed you by
Your sweet lips that lingered on my skin
I can feel their heat again
And your eyes that thrilled with passion's fire
They watch my every
and gentleman
You do have Kenn Starr in the house, Asheru
Talib Kweli...

[Kenn Starr]
If it wasn't for the way that we live
Too many single mothers raisin'
fire burns always
This fire burns always

This is the proving ground
As the heat begins to rise
Turn away from yesterday
Tomorrow's in my eyes (Oh!)
Screamin', scratchin'
Tearin' down the walls
Little by little, inch by inch
Tearin' down the walls

I just want to eat you up
Like a lion in a cage
An open microphone can be dangerous
Let's tune in on two of the greatest MC's out there

[Rakaa, Gift of Gab]
The will to win,
(Dolly Parton)

When I look at you 
I melt like a candle 
You light a fire in me 
What am I to do 
I just hope I can handle 
The heat and the smoke
The heat of passion will deceive you
Make you a different man
Turns peasants to kings
Draw dirt to fertile land
So jungle walkin' hooligan
Have my gun
inside, get out the rain get dry
Sticky's in the back playing pool by the sauna

[Fredro Starr (Sticky Fingaz) {Sonsee} *Veronica*]
We stepped in the back
Singing in the wires
Heat - motion - control 
Desire walks on
Stand at the window
The world is so still
Calling you back by force of will
Where did
tames the moon and paints the earth.
When you feel the heat of that crushing moment, stand by me and never feel alone.
I am the silence in piercing
shots around midnight

Driven by the passion, running from the heat
No questions asked, he's just a kid from the street

Struck by lightning,
and stay low
I twist more caps than the 40 oco
Bitches know, could tell by the look on the thug face
The way they play it in the club, it ain't safe
of passion lies
It's only human to give in to what you feel
That doesn't always mean it's real
Don't mislead
Don't misread
The magic of the night

you've been fantasizing about in your most feverish dreams.
Hurry now and taste the scent of my heat
Blended with the the fiery steam of your desire.
Moving down the streams of my lifetime 
Pools of fascination in my sleep 
Cooling off the fire of my longing 
Warming up my cold with in his heat

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