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However decent, however good
However hard some people try
They only barely make it by
They?re born to live their entire lives 
In harm?s way

Where were you
Tracing back my steps in time
All I do is think about you Charlotte
And the love is left behind
I first saw Paris in Soho when I was thirteen
town on a late-night train
Heading for the West
Dolly slipped behind the wheel of her Mustang
With a piece between her breast

She put a pistol in
And how she'll miss those weekends
In the park with the sun on her face
And her book by her side and that
Lingering taste that he left on her tongue
Dick and Harris
Living on the side of Paris

I put the moon back in your life
Made the future bright
And that is why you love me

You put
Oh I come from Pittsburgh to study astrology
She said as she stepped on my instep
I could show you New York with a walk between Fourth Street
How many days will the wet weather last? 
I want know will the clouds 
When they roll back 
Reveal a man in an old mac 
Living on a park bench
past life and live it reoccurring

Mad man, I rip up stages
Specialized in removing lips from faces
Type of animal only exist in cages
Boy, I
crawls then they walk before you know it
There driven away
As your staring at the tail lights you can feel life passing you by
It goes zero to sixty in
the feelings of depression and sadness

Good afternoon
We're reporting live in the streets of the Bronx today
chronicling a deadly epidemic sweeping
Rap to the nigga dealing hard who live in the jects
Til some better nigga wit her, ain't delivered 'em yet
My mouth is, but I got a pistol bigger than
music in the chamber
I'm God's gift, heard I was born in a manger
Danger! Cosmetic face rearrange you
Leave you slumped on the chessboard, found by
General Hannibal 
From Long Island to Queens light up the New York scenes 
All the way to New Orleans and everything in between 
Left to go bless a show
in silence, and wet it up
My meal everyday was a slice and 7-Up

Took advice from a street legend
Identities have been changed, to protect the innocent
From Long Island to Queens light up the New York scenes
All the way to New Orleans and everything in between
Left to go bless a show in Mexico
"Always On Time" got bitches "Memsmerize"
From the "Thug Lovin" load the clip
Cock back the nine, open mouth shove it

Look in his eyes, and squeeze
Ask yourself why we just get by
While we struggle to maintain, bring sight to the blind
Up against the machine the "Bush Killer" remain
In between
And our love ascending

This is how we saw the world, side by side from the road and the stage
So our lives were twined and curled and mixed up like
blow they cool
Understand, every man should really know these jewels, I'm feeling live
Slim with a gorilla vibe
Away from haters 'cause I know what they
his behavior into data
With plans to build a dais where the
People grow potatoes and cabbage
Don't make him raise the gate between the bettas
the kickback, but gotta get your shit back
Killed niggaz playin, but you was only boxin
Accept twenty flat as your only option
Calm in the jungle in between
in my jeans
I bought my queen Celine
I got my team Supreme
It ain’t no in between
You either in or you out, I took a different route
I had
Yeah, yeah
I said niggas pop shit all the time
Me I don't trip 'cause they know I'm never lyin'
Lookin' between the lines
Feel like Ali in his
Back to the street, back on her feet
Clappin' the heat, from the back seat, in back of a jeep
Stackin' the heat, pilin' the ones
Made her point when
dip, that's my lookup
And going to the clubs to do the blookup blookup
from dusk to dawn
then sleep till 4:30 in the afternoon
and get ready for more