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all disturbing behavior on the common front
Impropriety got the best of me
Impropriety got the best of me
Ohh, all disturbing behavior on the common
much good life left in me

Take a good look at my life and tell me what you see
Once you've acknowledged your own impropriety
'Cause there's so much for
to praise my crimes
Because I know that that would be impropriety
I'm just a ball of slime
So come and get forgiven just like He forgave me -- act now

choose to
Indulge in, without impropriety;
For your brain is on fire, the bed-clothes conspire of
Usual slumber to plunder you:
First your counter-pane
(I don't see how)
They can take away what I say
If I say it first they can make it worse with their rank, false piety
People will make fun
children dying being buried in cement and wood
Stray bullets flying police blaring sirens I would change it all if I could
But our societies impropriety
Today’s presentation’s on industrialization
Agricultural societies - ignore his improprieties
To build a real nation, such a vital foundation
for taboo
Feast on impropriety
Sinking into
The mud of your maker
The mud of your maker
Noticing the alignment
Of the Sun to the Earth -A sensual dance-
you hate in me
Are things in you you don’t like
Vicarious anxiety
And stunning impropriety
Go and grab the ruler
Time to measure up my piety
not welcome
Any place at all
Can't save myself from
Taking the fall
From high society
To the bar on the corner
My impropriety
Makes me the foreigner
So many people not like me 
Hold us down
Everything in front of me 
Hold us down
Signs of impropriety 
Hold us down
So many tired and weak to breathe
to keep me
From going insane
So many drugs
I gotta swallow
So many directions
I gotta follow
So many drugs
Such variety
I take them all
With impropriety
a helping hand
Everybody needs a helping hand

All the hustle and bustle of society
It's a guarantee to cause anxiety
It's a piety or impropriety
why you swore
That you'll end this, are you sure?
Just drop the coal into the fire

We are so used to impropriety
No sense of real morality
Oh! lets
in rage
Down in my cage

Until somebody misbehaves
Defies the Hutt someway
Their impropriety
Is good news for me

I hear the trapdoor
My meal hits
searching for any infraction
Wrong wrong no mercy for this transgression 
Impropriety needs to be ripped from your souls 
Impose this brand of violence
a nigga standing there proud
Scanning the crowd 
At the same time he chantin his vows
Anxious member of society now
Be a victim of police impropriety, wow
if you don't much mind
a few dead minds
in the higher places
or a bomb or two
now and then
in your upturned faces
or such other improprieties
as our
excel at
For ignoring Gaia's plight
We should feel quite contrite

Something is wrong with a society
That allows such impropriety
Allowing business
My imbalanced mind is unaccepted by society,
My life is ruled by urges  - sickened impropriety.
In this day and age, strangely enough, some
the social justice warrior makes him the victim
So when did inequality become a quality of our society
When did society invoke impropriety
As a lie you see
Impropriety sneaking in between the cracks
I feel the bench at my back
Snap back into it
Remember I was so sad

I should be sleeping by now
But I'm not
living in a society
Perceived impropriety
Yeah, I know all about it, but I ain't tellin' you nothin'
Wake up and smell the muffins
Wake up and smell
We don't laugh at funerals

Sometimes I guess
I guess we don't know how to act
Impropriety sneaking in between the cracks
I feel the bench at my

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