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You make a first impression
And that's the only thing about you
You make a first impression
That impresses everyone around you
Control their minds
nothing personal


I'm just trying to get close enough
To see the face of love
To be in the face of love

One combination still impresses
The fragrance of her perfume smells like roses
She's guarenteed to turn heads whenever she poses
She lives in Miami and of Latin descent
a gun cause it impresses
All the little girls I see
And then they all wanna sleep with me

Oh, where do we disappear?
Into the silence that surrounds
ahead and go for it 
All the way 

Turn it loose, loose
I like big things
The size of them impresses me
Just give me plenty
Forget about
dove forse era sogno ma sonno non era 

- Lo chiameranno figlio di Dio - 
Parole confuse nella mia mente, 
svanite in un sogno, ma impresse
No beef with no cliques 
Niggas don't want shit 
Trife impresses 
Lex's, GsSs 
Chicks in iceberg dresses 
Who the bestest 
But fagot
niggaz that get in trouble
Then I got you in the cover no other did it so betta
Tropical colors on ya dresses impresses me
I ain't worryin' about yo
ice-cream if you give me your card

Nothing impresses me much
I've got a great attitude
And a map to the stars
I got your number from that sign in
just like him,
Ridin' in a blacked out bimmer with alloy rims,
Doin' drivebys, Firin',
An AK47 out the window an' ting,
See that kinda shit impresses

How long is the right to suffer 
And nothing impresses me 
You are scared of all the couples and the mothers 
Who disrespect your orders
Knowing full well that he'd never deviate
No matter how much he convinces
Himself otherwise

Skinny Tie reckons it impresses the girls
How he's free
be a thousand years
Or seconds under her shade
What the heart wants all depends
On what she wore out that day

Impressing them impresses her
childhood, impresses itself
You can not control, when life hits you hard

I know it's not like magic, but you will handle it
It's not that tragic, cause
The game is just a bunch of actors
Saying what impresses teens
Glorified abuse of xanax
Borderline obsess with lean
Horrified of normal life
And so
I'll trust as far as I can spit.
You can read dee[ into it.
New York nightlife isn't shit
without a storyboard.

I don't think much impresses me
If I'd dare to dance, 
Dhe'd build a ballroom for me 
And spike my drinks, to make it easier for me 
She really impresses me, tough and sweet
you know

Verse Two:

Hip-hip hooray!  Dip skip away from the forte
of freshness nuff skills impresses the West is
all up to my ingenuity, you will be
I've called to Valhalla
Now Valhalla calls to me

The message
You'll keep good company

They know it
You show it
And they respect my seed

And in your head

I went to vincent's window
I watched him undress
I could tell he liked that a lot
And I was impresse
le radici
cambia latitudine ma
sono le stesse cose impresse nelle retine frà
lealtà nel dna
stessa mentalità-da piazza
anche tra anni in giacca e
Tutte impresse qua tra pieghe di ricordi
Dammi un altro ciak io non amo i corti
Lui da quella volta settemila giorni
Giorni di partenze, giorni di
mes chaînes et des gens que j'aime
Na na na na

Ehi, ascolto note impresse
Come fosse un CD
Piango e lo detesto
Mi chiudessi qui, dentro un
Executive excess yes, yes, yes
It's a model of success and
Nothing for your efforts yes and
This impresses even less and then

When you find

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