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Let me show you what I'ma do
When you impoverished no other option but get the loot 
Let me show you what I'ma do 
Bitch when you popping they use your
as an impoverished man
That expression is the meaning of human 
And I have learned as my ego cracked
The connection between earth and man is that of oneness
And this
This is the bright future we were promised 
American dream preserving the impoverished
De-education generation dominant 
Deaf, dumb and blind

The call comes down for the development 
Of property prices, tax the impoverished 
Wash away blockades for unnatural builds 
Cubes in
been seeing through impoverished eyes
So you said forget it thinking twice
Long as we both live beneath the sky

So the tale continued waking up
dingy tenement in Amsterdam, Holland you know, in the flat of a poor, impoverished family, but of rather good antecedants. Gretchen Crematante was a very
to blame
For the dead and impoverished in your little patriot game
Honey, that's the war racket

Got the world's greatest power and you team up with
How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a
Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten
Spot in the Caribbean by providence, impoverished
Regenerate the impoverished souls 
that echo you
Bleed to feed the masses
soup line two times two

They got your picture from the Sunday plain
How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore 
And a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot
In the Caribbean by providence impoverished
be like 'Boyz N Hood', affiliated by my brothers
Worship higher powers, folks impoverished, drinking from the chalice
So they say it's his blood, be
the trawl

Fuck the freshman lectures and blandishments
They just betray impoverished accomplishments
The puppet masters fear originality
They tighten up
the passion
The courage of an impoverished people
That the world once abandoned
Shining, infinite everlasting now

[Lupe Fiasco (Kenna)]
Now I've been shaken
You're impoverished at your knees
But you gotta stand up and face the fees
And that's when you say, get your shoulder up
Dap ta dap, dap ta dap,
of the line nowhere to go
I said good times bad times I dunno

Cause your totally emotionally abused
Spiritually impoverished and a moral destitute
an impoverished man
For in the end irony
Has dealt the cruelest hand

The French force was swift and sure
But their attack would be repelled
And though
Name your price for progress
Impoverished, settle the bill
Clear a path coming through
Clear a path coming through

Stylize, make it easy on the eye
Perish the pain
I was impoverished
Those ties that wind
And stared into open lanes
Stared into long long nights
Howling and still
Hold my fucking body back

I'm still raging from the sanction you placed upon the impoverished nations
Delusions of grandeur, have some patience
around him was like a broken spine
So he'll flatline just to put on the newest nines 
Primary thought patterns planted inside impoverished minds 
Is this
like a Negus, feel like a nigga 
But act like a god or goddess 

It is brilliant resilience 
Rich in spirit, impoverished living
Fatherless and still
Impoverished optimist
Herb from his botanist
Roots they forgotten it
A product of the colonist
Know it's in the blood u can feel it in the chemistry
Push come
As the lily of the valley
Bright and morning star
A rock in a weary land
Nourishment to the impoverished
Hydration to the thirsty
One who parts seas
Answers by
lost another one, a lynching mark on people's hope
Spray paint cans on window sills of impoverished painted houses
With people packing packages that

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