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contar-te la vertat

Dens lo parçan, un impòst qu’estó proclamat
Suu noste sau, lo colbert que ns’a espleitat
Triste hat peus paisans
Mes totun ligats
Bitches ain't shit, we laughing with them
Can't even role the streets now, without the heat
I bust the nigga off impost, that shit is weak
On trial, what
thought you was ill yo 

Even your hoe, yo for real youngblood I'm really afraid so 

Your colors got revealed and now you buy dough 

for real youngblood I'm really afraid so
Your colors got revealed and now you buy dough
Impost-o's, locos, morenos, go-golos, boriquas, platin-o's
vests and a lot more toast
I'm a lot older plus a lot more violent
Tip of my guns covered, it's a lot more silent
My niggas pop off off imposts
attitude caused lives to be lost
Hit with the most they could impost
Use that money to line their pockets
Only exception is building rockets
Sent from above
do you think
Impost to live tonight
Hope you're ready
Karma can be very deadly
Cracking knuckles
Breaking people necks
Looking for who's next
mein phone ist besetzt pic
Weil du nix anders als lästern kannst
Ich bin der money investor
Ich bin impost du bist challenger hah

Das ist kein hobby
Nel pezzo nuovo dici che faccio il malandrino
E alle dieci devo sta a casa
Sto a casa i dieci pcche me la impost o stat
Perchè sto pagando
de guerra!
pijos toqueu el dos, pireu, diem no al asfaltatge
per 4 hotels de merda no destruireu la nostra terra

Si amb els nostres imposts li pagueu
vogl man m'arricord quand nun c' stevn sord
Si l'agg scelt l'agg scelt p' me
Nun agg mai fatt nient ca' m'ann impost l'at
Comm facc a' cio' spiega'
Can't say much cause its too soon
We ain't done so please stay tuned
It's N-A-T-E
I meant S-Y-K-E
Syke is C-R-A-Z
Why can't he let me be
hab keinen Respekt wenn du mit deiner Gang kommst
Mach „One on one“, gewinnst es, dann bist du ein wahrer Impost
Ich ficke dich, denn ich bin ein
i ZPU no tenen patrocinadors
des que van tancar cases d'apostes a la tardor.

Lo de la llum solar van posar un impost extraordinari
i ara surt més

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