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I'm so turned on by your body dimension
Help me out O maybe you can convince her

You got your mind set
Girl you the finest
By the white trees dressed 
In purple tuelle

Let's get this show on the road
Let's get Atomica
Let's rock till we explode
reach that far
'Cause it's impossible
Can't rise above this place
Won't change enough, so I pray
Breaking down the walls to the impossible

Walking by
we are impossible
In a messed up world
We are impossible

Waiting in an empty bay,
Haunted by our mind racing
I'm picking up pieces you've never
Crafted with pride by Monsters on the train
The world is great to suckers

We have the story of the impossible
A tale passed on so frail
It's impossible to imagine a world without a star
But imagining no you is more impossible, by far
Suppose the Springtime never should arrive
is broken, my sword torn in two
And I am weakened by the ignorance of you

And it all seems impossible, impossible for me
It all seems impossible
me a part of you
And I looked in your heart
And saw all my dreams come true

You did the impossible (you did the impossible)
You rescued my love
Hopped on the scene like an obstacle
And I'm looking 'round the joint, yeah that [?]
Baby, how much are you move? Impossible
I'm like, damn
Probably need
Yo put the kids to bed 
Yo Shawty, I know you ain't scared 

B2k and Nick Cannon
Track masters, the Pied Piper 

Your love's impossible.
You need too much to just survive.
Get enough and you're gonna fly.
We're in the rhythm.

The groove's forgiven.
Speech has allowed the communication of ideas
Enabling human beings to work together to build the impossible
Mankind's greatest achievements have
Bow Wow and Omarion
So special
L-B Dub
That's my girl, yeah
True that
That's my girl
That's right
She with me homie
Omarion yeah
So that I would not have to see
A beauty impossible to define
A beauty impossible to believe

A beauty impossible to endure
The blood imparted in
is essential
At work by 9, out by 10 to run your own errands

Let me remind you that
After you've missed a day's work
It is almost impossible to catch
left behind
We're sharing one eternity
Living in two minds
Linked by an endless thread
Impossible to break
left behind
We`re sharing one eternity
Living in two minds
Linked by an endless thread
Impossible to break
Not tonight josephine. 
In an army's strength therein 
Lies the denouement. From 
Here you're haunting me. By 
The Seine so beautiful, only 
In my age of reason 
Complicated by feeling 
I dream of impossible things 
I dream of impractical things

In my age of anxiety 
Complicated by
I am a puppet on a string  
I am the worst thing worst thing you've ever seen  
I am impossible to believe  
I'm pulled by gravity shocked by my
me a part of you
And I looked in your heart
And saw all my dreams come true

You did the impossible
You rescued my love
You did the impossible
shot my baby) 
This much madness is too much sorrow
(down by the river) 

It`s impossible to make it today
(i shot my baby) 
This much madness is
In your eyes
I feel love

It feels so magical
By your side
I feel love

Silently I love
Silently I love

It feels impossible
Not this time
I reach with you pulling on me?
With your impossible needs
Impossible needs
How can I reach with you pulling on me?

I snap but still hang on
The Impossible Dream 
Performed by Glen Campbell 
To dream the impossible dream 
To fight the unbeatable foe 
To bear with unbearable sorrow

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