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somewhere in Kansas; now I've...

Had it up to here with...
I've had enough of all of these songs
Of self-imposed unhappiness

Safe from the cell block
You did it all yourself with you and no one else to blame
The peace is broken
The trouble in your heart is self imposed and hard to tame
The peace is
You did it all yourself with you and no one else to blame
The peace is broken
The trouble in your heart is self imposed and hard to tame
The peace is
The course set for complete oppression
An explosive destination
Fast forward ahead into time
Technology metamorphasizing

Beware, beware imposed
planned more disorder
When I'm comfortable and feel like I'm in my place
I'll be on my mistake

Another boring story, another problem self imposed
that shit is all self imposed
Those rules are always your own
Not sure what I expect anymore when Christ keeps coming up short

You'll always recognize
and deranged
One with god half insane
Wage of sanctity, tears and agony
Ancient and bizarre Satan's repertoire

In the minds of evil, fear imposed by design,
God name's different in every language

Imposed illusion composed dissolution
God name's different in every language
Imposed illusion composed
the black
Waiting to clutch

Escape the light

My will imposed
Playground for instincts
If blood is what I spill
It was foretold

Dance of death
Feral display
the dark
Here in my loneliness
A self imposed loneliness
Submerging me
Forcing me to step back
Into the night

Everything and everyone I touch
Whithers away
Are knocking all I have reached
It's feeling like a heart attack 
Started softly and then screeched
Sky's imposed a curse on me
So i sank down my heart
from above, confronting disease, certain rejection

Digging and blocking the exit to the unwanted freedom

Imposed obsession
Helping increase 
For if my brain's to be trusted
You're either in London or prison complaining
In self-imposed chains that are rusted
Covered in custard and everyday's
won't see
and we´re bewildered by the fears imposed on us
may the days in ignorance be over

Angel you´re lifting the veil
of the big city lie (World
Smudge as toxic pollutants destroy her remaining rights
The power of corporations, spewing chemicals into the air
Fines are imposed to discourage, but
Never did I find a nest for my soul
We have made all the bans we imposed
We have thrown
On ourselves
In memory's manner

The weakened will
of our dreams to reach out
For places, no one can find

We figured it out
Creation and god
Imposed our beliefs cause they're better than yours
of me
You've projected on me, imposed upon me
Wrapped up in these images you see
They're not part of me, not part of me

Ideas you've projected on me
to us to reject the molds that have been imposed
Now I can't stand what I see, don't believe what I hear, won't withstand one more day
In a place
the greatest story never told, nigga, huh? (Never told, nigga)
If you ain't know, then now you know, nigga, huh?
I wasn't welcome, I imposed, nigga, huh? (I
to you again

Imposed in the darkness
Every word is true
And best forgotten

Words surrender into a seal
My life is a curse I keep to myself
The dead are
of transition
Stand, gather staff for war of reason

Please get a grip when you explode
For some may be exposed
Avoid the peace that she imposed
a ray of light

You transcendentally imposed yourself upon my bed
You know you didn't say very much
I'm out of body and I feel so good in my head
such a garden, wisdom can smile upon bliss.

Cruel is the curfew, Senora, cruelly and strictly imposed. Soon Don Hernando will signal, bidding the gate

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