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price yeah
That I am your type
Got Shooters waiting outside don't be impolite yeah

Don't be impolite yeah
Oh oh oh
Yeah I'm feeling high all
Ain't. Yo. Type
Fucking impolite
Stickin to his head like a fuckin' parasite
Outta sight, outta mind
In the light, outta line
I can hear him in
ready for war
Silence and violence come in pairs of two and four
I can hear it now

Didn't anybody tell you
It's impolite to play with your food
It'll go
Don't call your girl cause she's coming home with me tonight
You're fucking up, then she said you're being impolite
Don't call your girl cause she's
These days rappin' ballin' pulin' like im flight
They say architect to lyrics Frank Lloyd Wright
No leeway extended family says I'm impolite
Ayy baby, come and be with me tonight
I don't wanna come across impolite but I'm ready
Ayy baby, come and show me how it's done
It's just you
Slow down - is it too much to ask for
Calm down - You are out of control
Hush hush - Just take a deep breath
And let go
I can’t understand
You keep
And If they get impolite, (Mhm) just let em ignite
She said, "You don't love me no more!", I said, "You for real?" (I don't?)
"You like girls that
I remember being incharge'and falling behind
Because of you being inpolite''all that did matter
was you said sorry and I could turn around

someday I gotta give you back that smile
you were waiting for.I realise I was
impolite I realise I wasn't feeling that bright
what can I do
the sheets, abeg

I can’t even fuckin sleep at night
You know the demons they don’t do me right
I got some bitches and they impolite
I got some bitches all they
Chestnut hair, candlelight, girl in her prime
We could die, we could die, any old time
Ask you out all impolite, you never did care
Got myself feeling right,
impolite (So impolite)
Cause she only hit my line for the pipe oh
You wanna join the hype
Cause I’m gonna blow like some dynamite
This ain’t happen
and the ice
Tell all this guys that I’m bad and I’m nice
Trap and I rap
Kill every verse that I write
So impolite
Not for the fame mhen I came for the bag and I
was my Israelite

I thought my faith was strong
But then her face came along
Now I don't know what's right or wrong

I couldn't be impolite
I never put
obsessed just impolite

Sunday came and went so quickly
Now you say you want me back
You will hold on despite my cons

It seems we're meant to hate it
was a nasty thing to say
mm..."We won't give any love"
Going to change...Game is over!!
Going to change...Game is over!!
Is it impolite to shout
don't think me impolite
But I need electricity tonight

I need electricity, I need electricity
I need electricity tonight

The front door slams, in
DEAD, DEAD, BEAUTY, you are sucked out impolite
DEAD, DEAD, BEAUTY, my baby please revive
DEAD, DEAD, BEAUTY, other wise you're gonna die
Your whole youth
Don't stamp your foot at me
It's impolite
To stamp your foot at me
Is not quite right
At man's ingratitude
A woman winks
But such an attitude
'cause it was impolite
And did the best she could to try to raise me right

But mama never told me 'bout nothing like Y O U
Say, your mama must have been
This whiskey got me feelin' pretty
So pardon if I'm impolite
I just really need your ass with me
I'm sorry 'bout the other night
And I know I
But they just couldn't wait

Here comes the joker
With his silly grin
He carries a martini
Made of bathtub gin

Here comes the joker
We all
up at night
But I live for loving impolite, 'cause

Your pussy is a wonderland
And I could be a better man
It doesn't matter to me
Your pussy is

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