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People just love to play, haven't you heard?

There are two sides, a win or loss
What's two down and four across?
Analyzing and implying, you
Come in
Come in
Or am I silly
For saying such things
Am I implying
That you must come again
Longing for your short hair 
to grow back to the way you like
Thank you for the gesture
I regret ever implying that you could be better
Don't try to explain
I've been here before
The phone calls and the letters of loved ones

Always prying to and implying that when
The stormy
or supposing in the head
Where do you get off implying that I should be in bed?

So set up another chaser
Show me you're the real speed racer
There's nothing there and it's dead

In your heart, in your heart, in your heart, in your heart

Don't say I'm not nice to you tonight, I'm
Sunday.../ Always hard to get to sleep when/ Weird noises are implying threats/ On cold sheets I sweat/ On any other day/ It's all rest
and flowers/
of uselessness and grief
Nothing leads to nothing here
The seasons just change
And I stare at the scenery
The scenery's implying me to leave
But nothing leads
Sleep my baby
The planets line up in your mind
As you sleep my baby
Your soul's implying
You'll be just fine

So soar out
Get swallowed out
the chords of my memory, implying that tune
that night but we didn't need to see
Implying that she's the bees knees and I am the cats meow
It's funny how she recalls when I can't remember now

Can't understand what I'm saying
Can't figure out what I'm implying
If you feel you don't wanna be alive
You feel just how I am
I'm on the dark
Logic he turns stuff up on his albums too, Rick, you know? 
He turns shit up

Morty, shut up
I'm simply implying, you know
I want some shit I can
late to even feel like trying,
Can't understand what I’m saying,
Can't figure out what I’m implying,
If you feel you don’t want to be alive,
You feel
accept it. Because it is stupid and dishonest for us to go around implying that us literary, intellectual, politically aware, feminist-type men are
believed what I shouldn't have, I don't know why

I know what you're implying
I'm trying to get my feet off the ground
I know, I know, I'm trying, I'm
implying, "Yeah, you got it"

And, then the bus stopped, at 53rd Street, and she got up suddenly
"Where are you going?", pleaded my eyes, "Baby, don't you do
Let me tell a story 'bout a boy named Brian
This is not a fairy tale, no, that's not what I'm implying
This is really not the type of rhyme,
to closure
I won't beat you to it, i ain't trying, i ain't lying
I'm just speaking truths and you're implying that I'm hiding
I'm the mirror and all you see
So what dem implying?
Di teacha haffi sing line?
DJing nuh inna him mind?
Cork up yuh nose fi di stink rhyme, A di king time,
Mi wicked like St.

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