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Renee, the Queen of Tattoos Implied
Renee, the Queen of Tattoos Implied
Renee, the Queen of Tattoos Implied
Renee, the Queen of Tattoos Implied
All of yall is finna slide (Finna slide)
For yo Daimyo ride or die (Rie or die)
Show you how to live it right (Let's go)
Loyalty that been implied
pride, nothing implied
I pray to my God to give me strength to look at the sky
Put a brake on my ride and put a break on the lies
I paint the sky black,
know you're dead, but I still hear your heart
Would you stay here if I looked in your eyes?
Is that what you meant, what your lips implied
It can still
about it

hands tied (hey hey)
it is not implied (hey hey)
I will just abide (hey hey)
you know, i'm with hands tied

hands tied (hey hey)
I will let you
There's an outlaw, 
On the highway, 
And she's falling, and she's falling, 

Man! I must have been implied, 
To carry a torch for most of my life,
They implied it might be millions of years
But it seems these days that all you smell is fear
I ain't saying I want it to be over
It's all going
One life, blacklights
Smoke in the air and a scar on my side
Never straight up, only implied
Eyes gone blind from the cyanide

I ain't getting
& now i’m screaming again for like the 400th time
& u don’t ask to me fuck i guess its implied
I guess its implied babe i guess its implied
U can
I implied
I'm not doing fine
Infer what you will
But I'm holding still
I'm remembering

I squint my eyes hard in the sunlight
And reminisce alone
my head
Cause is not implied
Between the lines
It's certain
It's not a riddle 
I still hear you inside my head

Trying to speak
I lost my voice
You and I for the night
Feel your body feel your mind
You implied all this time
Your love is mine I’ll climb heights
Just for you to shine you worth
the sky that we learned
That we're to spy on the bird
The clouds all feel
Where we don't feel real

It was implied to make a caption
"It's a pain
somehow skeptical,
Her leopard print winter coat,
Is buttoned up for war

She talks like Julie Christie,
Implied sex and foreign intrigue,
the girl
Because something weak implied
They fought to push aside them
But not her, oh, not her

The girl isn't alive but the man is dead
Because it's all
inside of a crowd
(Not me, nah ah, not this time)

They speak mainstream
With no truth implied
The loudest voice - it has more to hide
What's the mission?
we're to spy on the bird
The clouds all feel
Where we don't feel real

It was implied to make a caption
"It's a pain world", is her reaction
All my life
I've been treading paper in the space between the words
And there implied is that I'm but another body for the birds
Carrion, absurd
You know I'm no good at saying sorry
I always thought it was implied
I poured a glass of your favorite
If I thought you were coming back would have
I can see through your lies
If I let you get back in
It’ll be my demise
Had to learn if they actions
Doesn’t match what’s implied
Then you have to let
Mercedes 4 matic she implied she need that
Money in her bank I left it intact
Money in her bank was short as a tac
Chrome Hearts I need what’s left
It's ok,
To disagree
From time to time
It's a given 
And it's implied
That's what makes the 
Whole thing beautiful
(Baby, baby)
Keep your head up
The sun's down when we're in town
Yeah, ****, we go all out
One shot, feeling hot
Forgot on the spot
It's alright; don't be polite
Oh, baby, it was implied
Consider this a tie
When we're going home deprived
Surprised you couldn't take a hit
With a "peque", that's implied

The conversation died
Though it never

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