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She takes the one
Holding their gun
Oh the implication
Subjected one
Left with a gun
Bleeding his life out in the sun

Be the one
To load the chamber
Groove Generator, Groove Generator
The implications of you
Groove Generator, Groove Generator
The implications of you

Tell more kid
You kept it well
the implications and
Everything must go
Ya know what I mean
I know what's involved
I understand the implications and
Complications I bring
It's time to wipe
Implications, that our love is through
The situation is pulling me away from you
My reputation is making me so blue
Yeah, aggravation is what I am
you get these implications Ooh
Time and time again
How can I make this clear to
I tell it to your face but
You don't know
What you do to me
for maintenance
I might even trance with the groove and how I say shit
Work until it done with iternal implication
Work before the fun so the ethic
Light in me 
Supersensory implication's say open 'em up God, to my high divinity  
The perceptions of passion fables the cosmos of zealously 
 I call
When we pray
Situations turn around
When we pray
There are changes everywhere
When we pray
There are spiritual implications
When we pray...
When we
J'ai pas beaucoup de sentiments
J'te fuck si t'es avec eux
J't'accueille si t'es avec nous
Tout en noir, code 187, implication
Tout en noir, code 187,
Life is all about the inner-shine
Ask myself today like who am I
Find the implications of my mind
Destiny inside im so divine
Life is all about
I can't get to sleep
I think about the implications
Of diving in too deep
And possibly the complications

Especially at night
I worry over
Men At Work

I can't get to sleep
I think about the implications
Of diving in too deep
And possibly the complications

your baby

Maybe we're close
Maybe we're too far
Maybe we'll never know
I'll be your soul
You'll be my rhythm
Let's go along with the implications

And I
The implications of your lies
You’re long on words
But short on facts
It’s not a stretch to say
That you don’t care what happens next
Let the chips fall where they
to know you but somethings coming loose
With you doubting me like that
I don't like the implications
Of any of your accusations
Well I have no excuse
Wambino wambino
Let me talk to you girl
I don't want no complication
Don't need no implication

Wambino wambino
Let me talk to you girl
I don't want
our implication
I don’t wanna be the one you hating
He can’t be your mans
When he treat you 2nd place
And I don’t understand
Shawty can you make it make


on space and
How to manipulate this space?

First you build a cloud
The History of time, now is changed then
Knowledge implications and an open mind
In which
Take it back, done with that
Ima move past this infatuation 
It won't last ima ask 
That it has minor implications

Now I'm feeling free
Don't control
There's no better God creation
Planet Earth is our vacation, oh
Love and faith and inspiration
Do you know the implication

When you use your heart for
at the man-made lake

It may take a while, it may take a while
It may take all day, it may take all day
All the implications, all the implications
At the man-made
it plain

But the implications I mistook
Until I found out whose side you took
And now with paper in my hand
I'm beginning to understand

the signs?

Can you feel the real intention?
Can you discern the subtle meaning?
Can you see all the implications?
Can you read the signs yet?

Can you

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