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the wall
Ooh a hole in the wall
There's a hole in the wall

(She has under our expert persuasion)
(Has implicated you in high treason)
(You are under
will lead us into the light
Into it all
And always

Always endless conversation
Implicated by the stars
A little wood to keep it burning
Metals aging - Birth an mark
Shards of empty battle grey
Poisoned beasts are out to play
The dead are implicated
Implied but never stated
Carve me
that I made it,
Now my name is implicated with the greatest
Wearin' the latest, leather fatigues and B.B.H.,
Brand new Mercedes, parked in front of my
awftin anticipated an laywated
Dem is awftin patronised an penalised
Dem is awftin paccified an isolated
Dem is awftin castigated an implicated
Wan ting
others V-12
Doctor Tishner has been implicated
But all of their seeds are incriminating evidence
As far as my perception goes
My mother, she was indeed
While was blaming I was soon to be so implicated
Now I'm through with all the lies and pictures are back-dated
Almost lost my friendly feet coz
is that you're implicated like a caustic acrostic spelling out your name lights out 'cause i can see in the dark sidewind m way to the mark of fuse
escape door from the cancer of more

Turn the pages fast with fingers that have bled
These implicated dreams
'Cause out of sight is
Out of mind
You've been implicated
In crimes (of the heart)
Always leave the scene
Just in time
In your search for
Is in the sea
But something still feels wrong
Another confession
Under duress
Implicated by the throng
You just want to move
You just want

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