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You can find me waiting at your door
Come rain or come shine
You can find me wearing out the floor
The footprints are mine
You've imparted so much
a living mess
Imparted the very best, it's why they stressed
Figured i would fall off, and go away but you honor
Brought em back throwing punches in that
Bestow them with a dream
A scend
A sweeping change
Of growing faith
Of love without an end

Safe guarded
In love we're imparted to be
To see
the meek hearted
With graces imparted bring flowers to thee

The girls in the kips proclaim their love for you
When you stumbled in they knew you had
Creating a kingdom for all
Verse three
I'm looking for Christmas, I know I'll find Christmas
Imparted right from the start
And everyone knows of this

Surely the dandies that escort you places
Imparted a rumor or two
About the parade of lovely faces
That follow me ... surely they do?

The lights of the city
So bold and flashing
All of its riches
Imparted to thee
Robes of saffron
Robes of standing
A road of crimson
Spread at your feet

Before we ever seize the day
The calming of the season's end
Life becomes a hidden play
Imparted with a furtive glance
Was it everything you'd
and he did for you
Flipped to Neutron and stayed inside the crib for you
And this commitment from your father
Imparted a deep sense of value you'd
So that I would not have to see
A beauty impossible to define
A beauty impossible to believe

A beauty impossible to endure
The blood imparted in
So that I would not have to see
A beauty impossible to define
A beauty impossible to believe

A beauty impossible to endure
The blood imparted in
at the end of the line.

Every kiss has lost its flavor
I'm not proud of my behavior
Beached on rock, thought that it was land
Lost respect, love imparted
would not have to see
a beauty impossible to define
a beauty impossible to believe

a beauty impossible to endure
the blood imparted in little sips
I am asking you to go back
To the pyramidal tracks
Of where you know you do not like
A knowledge that has always been imparted to you

Such high
Dead by your unfailing love
Your grace imparted it rings freedom in my soul
So I lift a voice to reach into the heavens
Trying to find a way
retired captain
Imparted words so wise

Still every now and then I'm reminded that you
Could wave goodbye and then vanish from view
Essential services
I from dust
You from my bones imparted.
And if that don't make you laugh at nature's rough replacement.

Too late in all : Here comes the night
the veins grow in slow
You push and you pull but you'd never know
I crept up in you and I wouldn't let go

(And I)
Carve out the spaces (and I)
captives behind prison walls.
By extension, so are we.
The terrible double meaning is thus imparted
To the original question of human ethics
"Am I my
You gave your all, soul imparted 
That's where love resides 

Now i hold your hand so tight 
Hands have weathered day and night 
Never letting go
bestow a proposition

Admiration of your bravery is imparted
Yet, before you is a task of fools
O, suitor compelled by lust and naivete
The path you'll
go, boy
Let it go, boy

Nobody wants to be this way
Imparted with pointless blame
And every night I lie awake
And every day plays out the same
into the darkness
The arch must visit underworld return with inner spark thats
Imparted after battle with shadow brings catharsis
The heart is in its
and his arm in it
Imparted hard living
In part it's hard to pardon what's wrong with him
Involved in all the storms, I'm still calm nigga
Missed calls, I

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