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Hardened disciple
Feeling no pain
World domination
A restless day

A new dimension
A fatal impact
Disturbed conditions
Terror reigns
to a wasteland
Nothing left to replace

Man has made and destroyed it
The ending of life and time
Crushed by sudden impact
The omen, the final sign

Heat burns
The meaning of existence

Can't be supplied by religion or ideologies
Left to all our creativity we must find
The real significance that wouldn't be
Pre>a lot of people helped with the lyrics, notably william wittman.
Thanks ww and everybody!

Intro: g#m c#m g#m c#m ebm g#m

G#m c#m g#m c#m ebm

Seconds go by
Now you will die

Machine is turned on

You must be strong

Voices I hear
Impact is near
Switches are on it won't be long
To capture a view
To weaken the strong, to strengthen the weak
To colour a view

Taking a chance on the opening line
Losing the impact, everyday time
the flames into a blaze
The awen of the mighty

By the force of sucellus sledge
By every impact of ogmios club
With bricta's invincible epiphany

A tribe arose
a quest for flesh

I've seen it all
Genocide and chaos
Aggressive impact
Tools of separation

I've seen it all
The falcon of desire
Ethnic horror
All the people drive by slowly gawking at the scene 
Of the smoldering inevitable spark and gasoline 

All the way I met you head on full speed
you're celebratin'
Your anniversary
Or your birthday
Here by yourself?
Then get up and find some one
We don't need no reason to celebrate
to break

people keep fighting back
movement united by hate
together break down the walls
terrorists blood marks their way
panic hits the nation
for a fight
Screech around the corner by the local malt shop
Take out all the hicks and a couple of jocks

Headlights pin you down with fear
solution or anything that matters
Core revolution and anything shatters
Nature's self throbbing by human impact
Off the shelves, never to regain in fact
I drift into luciferous darkness
And kiss the blithesome aeons of quietude

A wounded cupid passes saddened by, dead in the winds eye

O, blood,
original sinners
One thought bringing it down, switch it off

Has it come to this
Enjoying things by proxy
Live through others, die just like the rest
Don't trip, you know I'm always by your side, you'll be fine for the ride, just be calm,
Take a breath and don't cry, oh my my, look on the bright
I feel a rifle bullet bore into my heart
A sudden impact shock that stops my pulsing blood
I see the glory shining light of paradise
You shot it away
The dangerous missile of yours
Launched as a flirt
And I am the target

You sure made a hit
I'm shocked by the blastwave it
Kissin' more contracts
Suicidal impact

You've been iced, my secret sinner star
I cast the shadow of a sorcerer
A thousand acres of critics
Two thousand
the market cornered this time
We can make you feel fine
It could impact your bottom line

If you've got to belong to something
Belong to us we'll make you PC
turn to screams as I step off and drift away

I'm fallin, drop to the bottom fast
Death on impact, about to crash
I float up and around now I'm
our faces
A sentiment resounding through space
A malignant beacon flickering away
The universal pedigree of hate

An ill-defined race opaque by
I'm scratching my eyes out trying to find you 
It's tearing my heart apart just waiting here 
I'm passing your house by with no answer 
of stem and words were
Extensions of cave walls and language fins
To swim through by the way of long hum greediness
Luxury instead of need, I said by him
Falling up the stairs I met
A soft target, design bullets
How could we sleep, through the impact
Our world blew up

You were born in '75