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Norman to get background for his songs

I'm immortalizing his life
And I'll even sleep with his wife
For the sake of art
I'll go to bed like
The truth don't scare me in a melody, immortalizing my sincerity
There are things that I sing that I'd never have the confidence to say

Like that song
of dust

As dusk it clings to silent stone
Immortalizing the suppression

Let their strength now dissolve
The sun to me is dark forever
A nihilistic
people talk about immortalizing him in marble
Not everybody should be made a saint
Daniel was a good guy, but a saint he ain't

[Repeat x3]
them more than memories
Instead of immortalizing our enemies
Enumerate your serenities
If it makes you happy, screw the haters
Don't let them stop you
just stay the way they were
Time has a way of immortalizing, time has a way of aging you

But as I bitch 'bout people set in their old ways
I find myself
Machine Kill
Schizophrenic Machine Kill
Mutilating, creating, something worth contemplating
Immortalizing into work of art
Empathy won't
Stop me from
Be the order don't want it to get you slaughtered 
Cause soon as you step up on it we immortalizing 
Your coffin they say they do it to death I'm gone
shit couldn't phase me
Immortalizing my sector
Ascending to hierarchy
Livelihood of dynamics
Ironed out all the kinks
I'm Tiger Woods how I'm champing
We're all about
How people try to find
Eternal life
Immortalizing mind
But everyone wants
To have immortal soul
Nobodys wants
To dig out of this
swear the internet is why I'm more reclined my nigga
This generation love immortalizing niggas
But only after they die I swear that's mortifying nigga

love cuz they heart it aint big enough 

Burry me with chronic right beside me word though
I'm immortalizing through these vibes thats word tho
You aint
use it
Well let's try
Is morally not right
How they immortalizing time
But blame is just a portion of the
Things that she acquired
Sometimes I feel for
writing and rhyming, trouble describing the way I feel about it
But my minds starting to feel like it's a war inside it
Been immortalizing the feelings 'cuz
You make it seem like such a breeze
Immortalizing memories
But when your time is finally through
How will we remember you?

Focusing in
Louder than
on the rise getting higher, put all goodbyes in a box
Immortalizing the vox more that lies in ya talks
It's getting harder to take and demoralizing to watch
immortalizing every single thought with a mic
Preach a poem like a sermon 'cause it's gospel I write

This is my odyssey, promise me, you'll be watching from
i was wrong. and that's cool
Immortalizing these feelings, for a spirit non-human
You're Lü Dongbin's demon, a real swordsman's woman

She was but
i was wrong. and that's cool
Immortalizing these feelings, for a spirit non-human
You're Lu Dongbin's demon, a real swordsman's woman

She was but
Immortalizing the point on the time
That's meandered in a circle
The revolution of all the small parts that constitute the cosmos
In which you

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