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the result of everything immorally 
Corrupt and broken I've lived for too long
I am the archetype I am the model
Lack of salvation I'm perfect to judge
I'm indecent I've bared it all for everyone to see
And they've all seen
I'm indecent I've shown my naked truth they stare at me
I traded
thinking immorally
If I wasn’t myself could I say I gave the fans All of Me?
Can’t decide if I’m more ashamed of what they saw of me
Than I am of ignoring
guns or drugs, need mo' love
But yet and still, slugs get fired off constantly
Immorally, destroying my holy oracle
But I just ignore it though
surely late
Can't even afford to pay attention though,
2021 we'll get away I'll go to Mexico

I'm immorally pretentious
With a Morpheus perception
I fail
of these
I know some wise young niggas so what's seniority
You ain't got no respect for yourself immorally
You the type to neglect yourself and ignore your
gotta be to be rich like me
Lose a couple friends or be poor and be free
Every now and then I gotta act immorally
Like the way I deal in cryptocurrency
The things we want to boast a scene
The things I seek immorally will chain me down to hold no peace
And I know I could try to be, the person that you hope for
But the majority bask in inferiority
Angry bastards masked with superiority
Used to Idolize those who act immorally that had more than me
Scary imagery deepens my scars
I've been immorally indifferent to your calls
I left guilty these familiar walls
Because of fear that wasn't there
Immorally, yeah
Just don't call on my line
I won't pick up
I don't give a fuck
I'm caught up doing things
In my lane, the gear's stuck
Phones on but I'm off
Aggressively depressed
And immorally obsessed with death
I can't feel my hands
I've been diving into these hits
I call you on the phone
But you
Saying that if they could they'd be my Mrs. fuck the consequences
Loyalty everybody say that they loyal
We spoil the idea of living life immorally
To all of you sexual deviants that have perversely lost your way
To all of you with loved ones that have been immorally led astray
Fear no more, have
Chapel and dungeon vertically
One soul, one aim, one destiny
Trafficking centuries immorally 
Our Elohim
For now and forever
down force feeding us
Immorally so heinous
Inconceivably devious
Idiots led by the idiots
They got us like idiots
Wrapped up in the tedious
immorally implies
We're equal opponents and we both antagonize

Don't call it a Lovers' quarrel
Don't call it a Lovers' quarrel

Don't call it a Lovers'
Holy devotion and pride
Spread and unfurl your poster boy deception to the mindless believers
Immorally manipulate the ignorant swarms for the sake
And seducing the minds of many

If her eyes could kill me would I be immorally dead
What if she proved herself in the quest to manipulate
Eyes set to kill push
your soul to cover up the pain

So if you're feeling fascist and if you're conscience is clean
We're holier than everyone and immorally supreme

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