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point, I'm getting annoyed
somebody roll me a joint, 
I'm employed to own my self, 
enhancing my own wealth, 
slow dancing with my passion, 
I planned it,
It would 
Be inaccurate to call your
Self immaculate, just a
Blatant lie, told by the
Most incompetent
Now you lower your nose
Now you tryna poke
immaculate sands 
of a self-destructing eve

Grey to the end
Grey to this sweet end
feeling like the man

Feeling myself like I'm going off ecstasy
Grab ya pen and pad because I got the next recipe
Swagger through the roof
the same mistakes, blasphemy
My sins disastrous
My lip immaculate
My wrist I slash again
Self harm
Cus of the guilt that I feel and I needa feel more
Bitch my drip is Immaculate 
It was like it was heaven sent 
Forigen mirrors when i park they b goin in
Good pack in u could smell da scent Bitch
Celebrate celebrate
Elevate elevate
Let me paint
When I paint
Ima paint something great
When I whip
If I whip
What I whip
Will relate
gettin on my nerves I'm bout to have a fit 
I need land, a place where no money is spent 
I'll kick back, and live life immaculate (you say) 

a better life tonight my friends
Ya need help Be ya self you’ll fit right in
It’s really way better-than to sit silent
We have the shit
For immaculate
These tender meadows bounding
Wide open and inviting
Fences can't keep me out
Don't you hear this alluring sound
Does it pull you from out your self
Intertwined the love and hate for ones self
Has mangled the path of foreseen futures
We dance the line as evil prevails and
We fear all of our
Affi believe (affi believe)
Believe inna me self
Garvey teach we in him speeches
Seh without self confidence
Youth yuh twice
And all will be clear

I believe in the self
That believes in it too
What consumes
And resumes
To mesmerize a few
A resentful sound
Condemning lives alike
My body not only elite 
It's immaculate 
You know I'm the sleeze
Baby what you want from me 
Right now 
Baby what you want from me 
I'm a project
 I sacrifice like I’m kaepernick,
I hit a lick and tried to put on the team, 
But niggas was blind and could not see the dream. 
I did
I can save myself
I can save myself
Save myself
Save myself
Save myself
Save myself

Let me pique your interest 
A princess 
Dead letter, dead letter of immaculate attention
Written in blood that flows from the pen tip
Dead letter, dead letter it'll never deliver
got the flame and all you boys are just so lame
My flow immaculate this way

I should've stayed on the beat
I am not scared of defeat
Why they stare
Praise my immaculate skin complexion. Cherish these symmetrical features. I maintain my poise on this pedestal. If looks could kill, my charms would
his sanctity

Immaculate end
A morbid immortality

Eternal lotus
Blooms in blackness
Forever in repose
Eternal lotus
Blooms in blackness
Those who are not immaculate
Cannot step on this systemic ground
They are at work right now
On a minor satellite
I've never been your guardian angel
whip, tossed the coke in the alkaline
Platinum and gold
Ron English hat to the side
Immaculate rhyme (immaculate rhyme)
It's so obvious
Watchin' the world
Selling their lies to pave their way
So beat me for what I will say
In just a moment it will change your life
Effervescent and immaculate
With more time it
Immaculate greed got me wrapping the trees like Paul's Porsche
Of course I'm off course
Self destructive
Two levels above fuck this
Nigga you can't tell me

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