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Aural Imbalance  


the aroma, of a dead body
Chemi-cal imbalance Chemi-cal imbalance
Chemi-cal imbalance Chemi-cal imbalance
Drugs, thugs, slugs, niggaz get plugged
At a early
We have greatness within us
Innovative, giving, determined
It's time for the best in us to come out

And you can find imbalance
You can destroy
We have greatness within us
Innovative, giving, determined
It's time for the best in us to come out

And you can find imbalance
You can destroy
Of courage 
To find



of generic mc's below average
You rate mans pockets more so than talent
Am Fumin too many beg to be Lethal
Well pow there goes the imbalance
No solid project
of the land for the almighty dollar

Ninety-nine percent
Ninety-nine percent
It's a trickle-down world
Like you're stuck in cement
Imbalance hangs over
A chemical imbalance
In your brain
Causing pressure
It makes one go insane
Cuz they don't know how to measure
They're sadness and the anger
think about when you are on my train-
Of thought better shake it off before I go insane
The chemical imbalance occurs in my brain
I'm not okay
4th grade, I was 10
Doctor took my blood, ran some tests
Sent me to a psychiatrist
Said I had a chemical imbalance

Grandma told me I'd be alright
or chemical imbalance or family patterns and dining room habits
Occupational hazard or chemical imbalance or family patterns that gave me these habits
I know i wanna pull through for you
But chemical imbalance makes me so rude
I need my solitude, i need my solitude
I wish my head would stop
Far from your average
Ghetto Dreams sipping kool aid from a chalice
Proper imbalance
Chemically inclined to be the baddest
Superstar status
Walk in
You're the best of all the girls
People say that it's just trouble
But we'll be one super couple

You can hang on my arm it's a strange imbalance that
In a chemical imbalance, mercurial valiance
A laboratory for my soul
I'm under a microscope
Deceitful is my heart
I'm just a human getting tested
Oh they chalk it up
Imaginary sadness, chemical imbalance
Call it what you want
I suffer it in silence, this is me inside of 
All I'm feeling tonight
the flesh of my skin
Case they attack us
Fill a void that I've been fighting within
Got an imbalance
I been at it since an adolescent
Since I've been present
skin turns to scales
Genetic imbalance of self-induced hell

Distort the tissue to create the strain
Biological warfare is their f*&$#*g game
I've paid
I'm running low on serotonin
Chemical imbalance got me twisting things
Stabilize with medicine
There's no depth to these feelings
Dig deep, can't
and just let go
All that we know
Just give in and let it flow

We're not the same
Chemical imbalance in my brain

Watch the light dance
Across the ceiling in
Pass it on the torch is in the way 
Try to pretend we need today
Confusing imbalance 
Will force us to stay 
Degrading the planet 
By paving the way
carbon or cerebral imbalances?
Cypher made carbon?
Fear churns deep within

All for the I
Cypher made carbon
All for the I?
Or cerebral imbalances?
All for
I hate love

It's a reproductive protocol
It doesn't mean a thing at all
Love only exists inside your brain
A chemical imbalance there
The one
That's where I stay

I'm all out of spoons
The day's just begun
Chemical imbalances
Aren't always fun

I want to stay home
Huddled under blankets
And fix her broken architecture

They re-treat, separate, tolerate, exterminate
Decide if it's nature or nurture

She's got a chemical imbalance

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