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dreams made safe in lovely songs no doom or gloom allowed in this room
Left Voice (Morrison, Tucker)
Casbah and Cascade and Rosehip and Feeling, Cascade
I'm feeling Big D bad
I'm Sweetwater beat
And I'm Texas City sad

The rhythm keeps me living
But have you heard the news
There's a sad song singer
written by your favorite singer
The type of song that you turn into an ring tone
I get this feeling every time I think of you
And I know,you're the perfect
I was sittin' in my hotel room, strummin' my old guitar
Not much to do when you're far away, playin' some smokey bar
I was feelin' a little empty
to make a song fit 
When you know it never was right 
I said
Girl, get up and get out of this mess 
You're gonna be an overnight sensation 
Gonna be
the singer from the whorehouse song

When the well runs dry
There's nothing left to say
Just throw up your hands and wail all day
And everything's fair
(laying flat) 
Horizontal, while I'm running all up in it 
To the rap jams, you know, that 99 beats a minute 

Party shit 
The R&B singers try to swipe
burned out!

and it's no fun
Yeah it's no fun
Well it's no fun

I think I'm going crazy
But it's maybe not the crazy
That you're used too.

havin' woman problems, it all began in Harlem
Wife with the Lou' Vuitton said I'm livin' wrong and I did her wrong
Forget the song, I swear I love her
The singer needs a song
I know you're on your own
I'll be back before too long
I gotta do what I gotta do
And you know how
My heart loves to run, I gotta
little girl I can't find
She's five hours behind
It's the singer not the song
Something's gone wrong
Said the spider to the fly
Do I like this girl?
You're the one I've been waitin' for
You're the one I desire
But you must first realize
I'm not another man for hire

Someone's got a hold of my heart
to idolize, he must look twice his size
I think it's great you're going through a phase
And I'm awfully glad it will all be over in a couple of days

to idolize, he must look twice his size
I think it's great you're going through a phase
And I'm awfully glad it will all be over in a couple of days

to destroy it

Folk singers sing songs for the working, baby
We're just recreation for all those doctors and lawers
There's no relief for the bleeding
country-okie singer
That girl, she's a walk on the wild slide,
She's a day glow radio slow ride, low ride good time
If you see her, tell 'er I'm

Lookin' for
passin' um by
The tension mounds
Now he's number two
All out of rubba
And runnin on fuse
He's door to door
Outta time for
He sees those checkers
niggas couldn't stick it
Forget it, you regret you ever stepped to this man, so bet
I recollect, a-mic-checka 1-2 and what you're thinkin'?
I want
to the skyyyyy 

[singers in background over interlude] 
Shake that load off, shake that load off (16X) 

[unknown singer] 
Folk in your face, you're
God in all this mess?
Well, see that's the reason for the song
See, wherever you go there's one thing ya got to know
God, is right there by your side
you're lookin' for a leader, you can hire me
And if your so-called boss don't pay
The only thing you need to say
Is "I quit, I'm through with you"
other way to word it got my feelings scurred and
By the, bullet of bad, the singer of sad, songs to make you long for your mom and your dad
Plaid class
quite like me
Isn't that Presumably
What it is they say you're looking for
Ballad singer with a guitar
Okay so guitar was the part I got wrong
and user friendly all are we,
The tired tried, what do you do?
I'm God, you lied.

And the animals go in two by two, the
Warthog, the snuffleupacus
a group of little girls nine through twelve
On the internet watchin' videos listenin' to songs by themselves
It doesn't really matter if they have parental

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