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a stick up
But when we tried to bail we got blocked by a pickup
Dropped tha fools tryin to test my pimpin'
To see what I'm all about
But speakin to soon I
Tha power pendulum swings by tha umbilical cord
Shock around tha clock, from noon 'til noon
Men grabbin' they mics, and stuff 'em into tha womb
and them ole G niggas with tha tha tha blocks
(ay) [5x]


I'm strapped up, I'm iced out
a nigga play, its lights out
cost a cool
like a one man clan
Here we go 
Turn it up
Don't stop
To my homies on tha block
Gettin' dropped by cops
I'm still around for ya
Keepin' my sound
Lick off a shot and hit ya fam by mistake
So I erase the whole front row at your wake
I plan my escape in case J or a snake bust it
I'm tha
That's right, girl j nicky brown
To my three kids, get down baby
Yeah, it's on, fredrick and my man calito
What, to all my people, ugh
Tha who hand
hit tha flo', I'm out here spending all this paper
Bought some cigarillos yeah I blow it by the acre
If you lookin' this good well shit I wanna meet
startin' to drip
It ain't harmful like heroin, this stuff's cheap
That's why I'm glad that I got this

Man, Don't cha hate it when you ain't go
tha satin 

I said ah naw it ain't like that G 

I'm trying to go straight 

and have a J-O-be	 

you need to quit that faggot ass job 

of Atlanta's throne
(I'm tha King)
If ain't want no trouble leave, shit, shoulda left the man alone
It's been seen, shown and evident Atlanta's known
Tha King
beep you later I can call you later
Cam: Alright Alright

Ay Yo you got ta undastand
I'm like a food to tha world
'cause I'm friends wit ya man
High, For Every Man I
Watched Die Lord I Need To Know Do Gs Get To Go? For All Tha Women I
Runn Though Those I Did And Didn't Plain 2 Are Every Scam I
Especially foe tha police, man. I'm ah nigga wit' thug shit
'Cause I'm runnin' wit' tha niggaz in tha hood and that's how we play
Want to feel ah my
come with a chrome y'all can makin' hoes pay the cost
Infrared to ya head full of lead yawkin' lames
You can betcha by the dollar that I'm spittin'
And all our ones that still runs with they guns,
In the field you know what I'm sayin?
This dedicated to ya'll man,
Hold it down,
U.S. mother
queen but you nothing but a man
You want to keep it clean but you can't
Why it gotta be, like, that
And what the life, see life is like a J shot
(Krayzie Bone) 
My lody Lord, maintain, it's hard 'cause I'm a souldier at war
Cause everbody want to try to bring out tha devil in me
But tha evils ain't
ya, my ends gon' shine
Come follow me, I'm tha man on east 1999
Five playaz show to introduce to you
Have a party, cheat me, everybody see that we
gon' shine
Come follow me, I'm tha man on east 1999
Five playaz show to introduce to you
Have a party, cheat me, everybody see that we humble people
I shoot it too
Where I'm from, they don't give tha youth nuthin' to do

Thuggin' on tha block
Poppin' shots
God forgive 'em
They just wanna

I'm tha only drunk (uh uh)
Dancin to tha funk (uh uh)
I guess it's up to me (uh uh)
To get this thing crunk
I'm tha life of tha party (uh
they can 
Forgive me I'm a ridah 
Still I'm just a simple man 
All I want is money 
Fuck tha fame 
I'm a simple man 
Mr. International 
Playa with
On the streets, on tha Clair, that's where
I'm from y'all, on the streets of tha Clair
That's where I met Bone Thugs y'all it's gettin' time to be a man
But nigga fuck what you goin through this 2-0
And by tha time I'm 17 if I ain't in tha pin
I'm on a mission wit tha homeboys mashin again
Plus I'm wantin' shoes, I'm runnin' through cools wit cheddar

makin' em crack like leatha unda tha rainy weather
y'all best ta get it together before