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do better than Walter

I'm sure that Walter is a stand up guy
He may never make you laugh but he will never make you cry
But can you really see
Strange Land Blues Trk 12 3:14
Walter Davis
(Walter Davis)
Walter Davis - vocal and piano
Chicago Tuesday September 1931
Album: Walter Davis First
among these lovers, who were listed in the obituary
By the way, which was what made I
Interesting, there were three whom she went so far as to marry
By Walter Egan

Under a Spielberg sky all wild and stormy,
Make me an alibi, I'd swear you saw me.
Until the sun came up, it's true you knew me,
By Andy West and Walter Egan

Helplessly my heart returns, to the fire that always burns
No matter how I try to tear myself away
I'm drawn
the teacher's cigarettes
And I never went on field trips 
I'm at walter's trying to buy me some stash slips
And I always been cut throat 
15 taking big niggas
seen so much,
Never seen so much, never seen
So much blood

In all the confusion there's something serene
I'm just a posthumous part of the scene
That I'm saved by His mercy and I'm ready to go

That's why I'm happy, yes, I'm happy, happy on my way
Rejoicing and singing His praises every
a monitor in the hallway
I'm all day on the grind with a 4-way

Young Gucci Mane got a style so strange
Every word I use might mean two thangs
Young Gucci
Looking for someone to be saved under my restraint
So I could be happy
Oh so happy
So happy
So happy so happy 

I'm as sure
on loving me
I know that I'll get by
That'll see me through

So warm me up
And keep me tied
If this is how it feels to be satisfied
Cause I'm happy
(Are you happy?)

No more leaning on your shoulder
I won't be there, no more bother
If you feel you just might want me
That's too bad, I'm not that
(Are you happy?)

No more leaning on your shoulder
I won't be there, no more bother
If you feel you just might want me
That's too bad, I'm not that

So, if you've been good yourself 
You might see the happy elf 
Stop by your house and make 
You very happy 

The happy elf 
I'm the happy elf 
it breaks my heart
I'm happy that by now I guess you learn you're not so smart
I'm laughin' 'cause you're cryin', dear, and though it shouldn't be
By Supe Granda and Walter Egan

I've got a leaky ceiling rain keeps pouring on my head
This old house of mine's 'bout run out of time
I've got
I'm)trigger, trigger happy
Yes I'm trigger, trigger happy
(Oh I'm so)trigger, trigger happy
Yes I'm trigger, trigger happy
Better watch out, punk, or I'm
Gonna grow
Who knows how far
It may go?

Oh, so happy
To meet you
And as the days go by
A possible you and I
Will meet and then
We'll say
This shit is highly sophisticated I just make it look easy nigga
Follow me

I'm so sophisticated
To get a verse from me, you gotta be initiated
the world by the balls and I won't let it go.
And I don't give a damn if they take me away
Cause I'm so fucking happy
He's so fucking happy
I'm so goddamn
His family taught him right from wrong
With local tales and children's songs 
Sunday school was his shelter
With his friends Joe and Walter
By Walter Egan and Billy Cioffi

Whatever happened to the dreams we used to keep
Those crazy precious moments now so bittersweet
Once I'd convinced
I'm kicking up dust on an empty street 
Waiting for John, Brian and Liz 
Already been stopped by the police 
They're getting kicks, I'm feeling
By Walter Egan and Ed Berghoff

I can't sleep for wanting you, but I don't miss my dreams,
This feeling is so brand new, don't know what I should do
the same friends
And the same address

Yes, it's true, I'm happy to be stuck with you
Yes, it's true, I'm so happy to be stuck with you
'Cause I can see