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what?, Look I ain't have nothin' to do with killin'
Slow down, I'm talking bout some get money shit an how its gonna go down
(Lil Wayne)
of you bitches 
Let the lord be my witness 

What y'all don't know 
Lil' Wayne the nigga from hind ta grow 
Quick ta strap up and ride play the blunt
around your neighborhood and you wake up with bodies by your house

(Hook [Lil Wayne])
zero comma, aw, fuck it, it's plenty
You lil boyz tell y'all baby-momma I'm back in town
You lil boyz smiles done turned into frowns

[Lil' Wayne
[Lil Wayne]
Okay, let's cut the crap
I'm straight gangsta - forget the rap
I only stick with that 'cause my ma don't wan' see me
and my son, Wheezy, got a house by the water
I'll be fuckin' bad bitches (bad bitches, bad bitches)

[Lil' Wayne]
I be hittin' they daughters

[Lil' Wayne]
What what what
What what what
What what what
Listen, listen
When, I come through, bustin'
Everybody on, the block be, run-nin'
promised me a ki if he dead
But, dog, you get it raw if you are with the kid
I'll push your baby momma car off the bridge

(Hook [Lil Wayne
(Lil' Wayne) 
Guerilla.....what!!!..what!!!....untamed guerilla 
Everyday I hear somebody bustin' choppers 
They be makin' it hot
x 2 
(Lil Wayne) 
I have you burning up 'cause I be (Hot Hot) 
Like a firecracker 
I'm (Tss Tss) Pow 
See these niggas can't take me 
really ready?
No, I hit make 'em sick like a *choghs* bad cold
Lil Doogey and I ride the 4 by 4 shh 
Nigga I'm too fast you can't slow my roll What
[Lil Wayne]
What what what 
I'ma flosser baby 
Baller baby 
A fifteen year old shot caller baby 
I'm raised in the hood 
In a all black call 
wig cooked when I'm done 

{Lil Wayne} 

now hold up be	-Geezy, what seems to be the blood clot? 

is it enough for me to go shoot up them drug
Its Lil' Wayne (Lil' Wayne) on the wall brain spilla 
Grave filla 
Who me untamed gorilla 
I be thugged out 
Dead bodies drugged out 
[Lil Wayne]
We have them bitches like it was unplugged
Its Weezy wee, Mannie fresh, and unplugged
We have them bitches like it was unplugged
[Lil Wayne]
You know how we do it
Weezy and Petey, baby
This here is 500 Degreez
Holla at 'em dogg

[Petey Pablo]
Cause I know I
Remy and weed
Somebody not afraid
To go some for my Escalade

[Lil Wayne]
I'm just pimping
Baby you got a rule for me
Put your mink on and slide
Took the loot that she had stashed in her panty elastic
She got from out my denim, little venom was fast, kid
Try to swindle a nigga by giving me
a nigga to jail
Cause they loving a freak

(Lil' Wayne)
In my section it be off the heezy
And my section's being represented by Lil' Weezy
What the deal
Arkansas, Carolina to Kentucky
Dem Boyz got golds, candy paint on buttons
Even doe Lil Wayne, and Baby like to stunt
They still stayed humble and Cash Money
Cash Money Millionaires plus 

Don't touch sum'in nigga you can't fuck 

Twenty inches TV is a must 

By the year two thousand I'm gut out my bus
Disrespect 'em a get a call ta the morgue quik

[Lil' Wayne]
(look look look)
I come with, k's and glocks, ready ta spray the block
Raise the spot,
what? Takin' me for a joke, and watch me hurt cha
Boys there, they be commercial, I beat 'em 'til they purple
I'm a lil' bitty nigga, but I got a big
Now the bee's keep flyin by me,
I'm on that piff, that pody, that shit,
Smokin like vladi, spendin dough from the 90's,
Shinin p nony in the liming,
Know just how I like it
You turnin' me on, you turnin' me on, you turnin' me on

Now wait a minute lil busta u got one more time to feel on my booty