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(Intro: Yukmouth)
Stress, that's all y'all hear, I like a bag of stress
(Is that right?), baby mamma's own
Speak on this, uh

(Chorus: Yukmouth)
and sess smoker
The AK 47, Uzi, and Tec holder
I'm the nigga you heard stressed over
And get no rest over

Nigga wrecked by the neck screaming with
Flip your fitted cap back like Fred Durst
Uh, Fiji water OG kush, yeah, I drink verses and eat hooks
Got the stove on my waist, and we cooks
I’m in
Ain't never seen a girl like that (Hey)
She said she had a man but I had to pursue her
He ain't never there, so she let me do her
Now I'm all up
First off we the mutha fuckin' Thug Lords
Now for all you niggas bangin', that mutha fuckin' West Coast like nigga?
You know what I'm
find I spiritually define nigga, rhyme killa
I'm the purer from Missour-a
Quick when I rip shit trip this animalistic, fuck Ace Ventura
By the power
From Las Vegas to Delaware on down to there
I'm a thousandaire
Mackin' bitches, draggin' em down the strip juss' by they hair 
Like "Oh dear!"
stomp your feet

[ VERSE 1 ]	
Yukmouth pursue the Benjamins, the future like Timbaland
Eat shrooms like Eminem, pop X like Lil' Kim
Hot sex to gentlemans

Why, bother?
I'm bombed out like Pearl Harbor
For??? sex I cut em loose like a Barbara Beef Cake
The cheapskate, never got swundeld for
work in like Mad Dirt
Odainers twistin like the revolver or the earth
Fuck church, it's a must I burst and curse
Yeah I'm a West Coast Bad Boy but
I got the drugs here, a good amounts the bed behind the back stairs
Like twenty grams plus the caravan
I left the keys by the safe, erase
F*ck him like ya do want to cum
You're gay to get discovered in my two-one-deuce
C***-a-licking in the water by the blue bayou
Caught the warm goo in
got a lock ya, flavor to bring
Got the championships so I'ma savor the ring
Church boy, raised by my grand momma
Home-bred, I dead all the drama
*(Yukmouth talking w/Num in the background)*
Southwest Ridas playboys (Ya highness!)
Fuckin wit tha Luniz (tha Luniz are here!)
We back in this
busted is my top lip
Real busted, real puffy, like a nigga punched me the fuck out
I don't smoke by my mouth taste like big ? like my nigga Yukmouth
so faded, broke wit a album
But bitches on my dick like I ate it
I'm use to smellin fish, but not that kind
Look you's a hoochie, want to do me,
When you was a child life's a game
But you got all the rules all changed
Pray to a spiritual God for material things
Then wait by the phone but it
so I bounced through a buildin lost all my cash,
swallowed my rocks, ditched my pager, I'm haulin ass,
then found myself by Blyman's house,
blankin' niggas

I'm jack style
Surrounded by weed smoke
See me and my peoples in the club,
Thugged up, suited in steet clothes

We roll,
Thinking you got sh-t, won't fly with me
Boy I'm on ya like a polygraph
Love too hard still
This is what I see

I know you when you can't lie
No baby you
the fly sh!t
And I'm a history major
Hood motivational speaker
Rap Led Zeppelin, best dressed list
Show you how to bubble off of large investments
Check it out 
What is a panther? A animal that kills 
I'm like a shark with blood comin' out the gills 
You could never in your wildest dreams 
each other, in a Menage A Trios.
Chorus *(Kira)* 2x
Can we get freaky tonight?
I want you and your girl to come by
I like to do Menage A Trios
And y'all ain't seen sh-t but y'all already scared
I'm gone, high like fructose, fructose
You wanna know the truth, really, you don't, you don't
It'll blow
Check it out 
What is a panther? A animal that kills 
I'm like a shark with blood comin' out the gills 
You could never in your wildest dreams 

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