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my pistol after I am dead
Think about me kindly as you look upon them all
I'll not see my Mother when the work's all done this fall

Charlie was
don't you?
Please believe what I just said, see the Dead ain't touring
And this wasn't all in my head
See they took me by the hand and invited me right
the answer you're looking for.
Personality can't be purchased in a skateboard store.

A music revolution? No, I will not invest.
Same old institution, but I'm
me, they lose the line
I have my version of vital signs
But there are complications of a different kind

Tell me again, am I the same when I'm not
I've been on the truck for 51 years.
My only friend is the A.M. radio.
Sometimes the neighborhood children stop by,
But it's always rocks and beer
and again 
You could have let them barbeque me, 
But you acted like a friend" 

"I'm not your friend, I don't even like you 
I'm just not drunk," he said
a right now generation murdered by the fan base
This is adored by the writers-Dead water
With a still force activated
No I'm not feelin' alright
with their eyes fixed on the preconceived version of me.
I'm so betrayed by your hopes, but I will not hide myself for your peace of mind.

Oh, but
Him famous?
Then the cart stop, she step off, it's time to refocus,
I'm questioning my heart, examining my motives,
Why I'm captivated by the brown
Listen kid yo, you was born to be a pawn but I'm a bishop
Back to the novel, you Son, it's logical
How you figure God, what, flow on the track,
Drive-by 207 and 11-24
I'm a 417 with a bulletproof vest
Bust his mothafuckin' head, got his mothafuckin' neck
Plus 11-99 in his mothafuckin' chest
the time was like studio time 

but days are long enough for Spek with the rest of my time 

I think I'm manic depressive and not aggressive enough
the illest MCs
F being cool, when I pass by you feelin' the breeze
I'm hotter than hell, my mission is to burn and attack you
You want it with Swel? Oh well, I
never figure out
Eve ate the apple 'cause the apple was sweet
What kinda God would ever keep a girl from getting what she needs

And I'm getting ready
Food for thought, cause I'm the shelter
I'll be your clothes, keep you warm and help ya
Not to be hot to trot by a haunt
And why do y'all got
I'm the Alpha  with no Omega 
Beginning without the  end so play the 
Eye inside  no extended version 
Next episode be smooth as a Persian 
of exertion, inertia defined
That's the savage that was perfectly nurtured in time
I put pacifists in caskets, my version of crime
I'm an assassin and my
different now, I ain't the same man I was
Hi, how are you doing? I'm new and improved with even less to lose
A collector's edition version of a virgin drink
Asshole By Nature

They know I'm here to bring it gangsta, when I'm sitting on something glass
I'm original Screwed Up Click, I don't believe in
could talk, muthafuckaz'll be shot
I'm about ta go 51-50, got nobody wit me
Stressed out like Whitney, Bobby Brown, weed and whiskey
Smokin' Newports, no
true religion before you found it in denim
Feel the Wrath of Kane and you could not escape
The hip hop version of ?The Ring? and you just watched
tread in a sled of bedbugs got my dead head in a jar
Crazer camp stamp blank on the mug of settlers registered not protest nor approval regarding every
I'm the Alpha  with no Omega 
Beginning without the  end so play the 
Eye inside  no extended version 
Next episode be smooth as a Persian 
Once upon a time, not long ago
When gangstas rocked waves sold dope and sniffed lo'
There was a young G by the name of Shyne Poe
Puttin' it down,
Alright, (but a lot of cats want pop)
Yes, (know what I'm sayin')
It used to be real hip
You got the top forty version of hip-hop
I still got