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What's up?
Yo, I'm going to put the song about your house on the album. Is that cool?
Uh  Yeah, I just don't want to have any, like,
*****Erasure Lyrics*****
*****Version 1.0*****
Albums and be-Sides
-Painstakingly compiled and transcribed by John Setlik
by the telephone
She promised that she'd try and ring
So far I haven't heard a thing
I'm glad you came round though
There's something I must know
you won't con an honest john (keep listening though, it's important that you keep listening...)

Now take all his shopping off him
Get your mate
In a 'Dear John' note she said I'm moving to L.A.
I'm calling it off
I'm taking the dog
And don't try to follow
She thinks she's a big star now
love, like a Mob Marley sequel
I’m sitting back listening to John Lennon
Imagined that it happened

We’re on borrowed time
Clock keeps ticking
Phenomenon John legendary heaven would know
I'm on a never-ending run, Dave Letterman
My enemies on a Ethan Hunt, but they can't get in my zone
a crown
I'm all in money, so this isn't comin' down
They talk, hair's funny, I'm listening for now
And the all head hungry descend if they want a round
Listening to a free beat by Dre, in some free Beats by Dre, or
Tell my attorney to cook it and eat it
I play catch with the body of Bernie from Weekend
going for the kill, focused on a steady plot
John Wilkes the Booth like when he dead aimed his nezzie shot
You listening to hip hop's finest
You rewind
I'm on my way, on the highway/ 
To a special place, it never rains, with better terrain/ 
And by the way I'll say good bye game/ 
written by John Else
To understand that, you must know thy self
You should keep listening 'cause Canibus flow might help

"...But you said keep quiet while
Brother, I'm good, I stay with the Lord
Bible carrier, that's my sword
Matthew 12 so I don't talk
John 19's why I never got caught

Call me
dies in the name of grave mistakes
That we all make
Believe that we're getting by treating ourselves wrong
Throw me a reindeer John letter party
hear is bars about these bitches and Bugatti shit
Everybody hating, ain't enough to get new Godi lit

John C. Holmes in the kitchen, fuck him and beat
put him on songs with Jay-Z
I'm the Gap like Banana Republic and Old Navy, and oooh
It come out sweeter than old Sadie
Nice as Bun-B when I met him

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