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hard bitches
Ride through the borough with two four fizez phantom open up like two door fridges
(whoa!) I'm makin' change to new york digits from 718
sick, East New York walk the Brownsville grill, ill
You see, I got a Fort Green lean, Clinton hill the chill red-hook look, man
Ain't no shook hands in
Somebody call the cops
For us to stop'll take all of they got
Uptown and the Bronx, my Squad is legends off of the block
(Terror Squad)

Deep in the borough
one for
Crooklyn everday

Brooklyn is up in here

Uhh, block party, corner store
The downtown, the projects
Borough shots
My clique is so tight
The mix
Ghettoes, Errol Flynn, hot like heroin 
 Young pimps is sterile when I pimp through your borough in 
 I gotta keep your tricks intact 
 'Cause I walk like
Yo, New York get the blood money
Dirty cash, smoke hydro green, still mix it wit hash
To all the weed spots, niggas know I'm known to cop
Yo, New York get the blood money
Dirty cash, smoke hydro green, still mix it wit hash
To all the weed spots, niggas know I'm known to cop
I'm straight up on the butt-ass transit 
I don't give a fuck, I smell the piss in the subway 
My Boss cologne suits me well on the New York City mass
to do" 
They said, "Cool," and just enjoyed the view 
It ain't hard cause it's miles from the sidewalk 
I'm overlooking every borough in New York
Goddamn! new york city!
Skyscrapers and everything!

Back in the day, we used to respect y'all niggas
We used to be down with y'all niggas
central, East New York
Where the manic, depressive psycho murderers stalk
Walk, like a ninja, on the asphalt
Here talk is cheap, you're outlined in chalk
I'm attractive, I'm handsome, I'm gorgeous
But back in the day you used to say you can't afford this
I wreck shops and got props from New York to Cali
sittin' still
A quiet kind of love and me don't mix and you can't teach an old dog new tricks
So kiss me baby and hold me tight I'll try to get back by
a like it or not thing, know what I mean? 
This one is for Brooklyn
I'm in ma Benz style fly, you know? Bushwick sick
I walk that East New York walk
And one in their ear
You know what I'm saying
But, I kept your number in my old phone
Got a new chip flip with the roam roam
So it took me a minute
Let's work for the family
Let's keep the family strong
By keepin the tie of love strong in the family
All those of you who are rich, use your
New York that I could rep it from a different region
Slay heffers, Ottomanelli's got 'em in telly's
We eat good, Turkish cuisine, Ottoman belly's
a New York critic or disc jock
Matter of fact I'm blamin' all why'all for fuckin' up hip-hop

Is Brooklyn in the house?!? (Check it out)
What about
Dep (sung)]

I am
(a ghetto nigga)
A ghetto nigga you can tell in a talk
On the corner selling the snort
It's hell in New York
Won't stop for
And I want to stuff it down the author's throat
And I'm sleeping with someone new every night
And in the morning politely saying "bye"

And I'm
than the Isleys
Put a pop in your pudding
But not the Cosby's type
I'm talking big guns and Cadillac coupes
The New York monsignor's just scared of his
Or maybe niggaz in the hood just ain't 'bout it
Talkin' Hercules, and ain't nothin' but dog food
Staten Island, New York City drools
Crazy glue
Maybe you're the best on the block,
But by the time you make it in New York,
Your axe will be in hock.

Gettin' in the door will cost a fin
Comin' deep from the depths of hell
I'm dead serious, even though you see me smilin'
Rough enough to break New York from Long Island

We destroy
so I'll be nicer
Cause when you feel fit ya feel nice
Beware of the tricks and the full paradise
Like the wicked mind in york with them gun pound