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Come on
D.S.G.B ya'll know what time it is
Ga ya'll know what time it is,
Pastor Troy for President for 2000,
I'm ready
I'm ready

I made up
[Verse 1: Pastor Troy] I'm in my big body Benz, Shoot a bird at them coppers, Riding with 4 of my friends While blowing smoke in the wind Up out
To the end it's motherfuckin on hoe
It's Pastor troy and I'm havin fun hoe

I don't think they wanna fuck with the murda man
Fuck wit the murda man fuck
Coming back from St. Croix
First lady to Pastor Troy (well come on)
Even I'm a Georgia Boy, cause boy I'm ready jack (well uh huh)
All you got to say is
I go

[Pastor Troy]
The underground puttin it down fo 5 years
the blood, the sweat, the motherfuckin tears
I'm livin the life of a young drug lord
Verse 1: Pastor Troy

These niggas asking how I choose to die
Just like a muthafucking G is my only reply
Hi 7, Mac 11 with the shoulder slang
ready to blow
I'm harassed by crackers, the stress of the Pastor
	-Look in my eyes-
I'm in the rain sellin my shadow
but it's gone still follow me, so I
you in your belt and Timb's
Pastor Troy, won't you just pass the boy

In a, split second I'm answerin all questions
You dummies are still confessin
'em it's on, so what you gotta say now, yo
Tell 'em it's on, yo, say what, say what
Tell 'em it's on

[Pastor Troy]
I'm the ?, the A-T-L with
[Pastor Troy]
Our God is an awesome God
He reigns from Heaven above
With wisdom power and love
Our God is an awesome God

Our God is
on the sound
of my voice (This from the soul)
Everything gone be cool man, From Boys to Men

[Verse 1] Pastor Troy
No one to doubt me, I'm not here lonely
[Pastor Troy]
We-we ain't playin (ain't playin wit ya)
we-we ain't playin (ain't playin wit ya)
we-we ain't playin (ain't playin wit ya)

[Pastor Troy]
Venom, all I spit is venom, a cobra
Flinch my teeth and I'ma ride till its over
I'm never sober, I'm fucked up now
Say you want pistol
What (what), what (what), what (what), what (what)
I (I), I (I), I (I), I (I)
OK, come on, what 

[Ludacris & Pastor Troy]
What (what), what
[Pastor Troy talking}
Pastor, disaster
I'm just laying down my bass shit
You know my bass my bass one
y'all God damn (well UN-huh nigga)
Nigga whatever here on out
In the game S.M.K. gone put 'em level

[Pastor Troy]

Break it down! (Repeatedly 15x)

Hook: 4x

y'all know what y'all
I got, I own 
Pastor nigga, down to my fuckin chrome 
As long as I'm here (uh-huh) 
Uh pussy-nigga, it's gon' be a long year (c'mon) 
No fear, I

It's bout to go down (15x)

[Pastor Troy]
Ay yo, this ya boy PT baby
Ay y'all man it's 2004 man, it's the new year, y'all know what
Uh, Stick em, ha ha ha, stick em
Fuck them pussy niggas and who ever wit em
All I say is sic em
And there go my boys
D-S-G-B, Pastor damn Troy
fail we can 1-0-5 grill this nigga
I'm dead serious

[Chorus: x2]

[Pastor Troy]
S-E-R-I-O (uh-huh) U-S (uh-huh) I'm fresh (c'mon)
One of the best
Welcome to the New World Order.
Atlanta, Georgia.

Houston, Texas, he already know.

[Pastor Troy]
The south is takin over.
want to play with that toy
Droppin' this heat like an asteroid
Good in the south like Pastor Troy
Pull up aside of a 1977
Sittin' back and sippin' my
slurrin out my mouth
Ain't no thang you know we damn down in the dirty south
I'm a east side nigga bitch I put it in yo face
All my niggas they gorillas
they here me sayin' yeah
The Pastor baby
I'm hard as a rock
They claimin' they done kicked Troy ass - boy stop
As long as they make my 10 bags you got
What (what), what (what), what (what), what (what)
I (I), I (I), I (I), I (I)
OK, come on, what 

[Ludacris & Pastor Troy]
What (what), what

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