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tha court, it's 'bout to go down
Here come them niggas: soulja, Reebok, and Girbaud down
There's no remorse now
'Bout to explode rounds
Look, you
fuck Gotti
Tha N-O been way bout it 'fore P told ya
I'm a real soulja lets go to war & I'mma show ya
I don't have a damn conscience about nathan
How ya
to fold
Tell tha world bout these murdas, and hope they go gold
I'm gettin' known, so wha happens needs to happen here qwick
6 tryin' and 6 dyin', I'm
get em
Let me get em
Nah shootout ayye, nah shootout ayyee, nah shootout ayyee, nah shootout ayyee

(soulja boy tell em)

[verse 1:]
to strangers
Bang wit glocks, bang wit 40s, and hammers
Glocks dat don't jam a bandanna I'm banannas
T.v. cameras damn he got damned em
Trick off wit dimes, I
like soulja boy tell em and they parents they can't see it they blind they wonder why they kids talking bout soulja boy all the time(all the time) they
off in da party and im bout da get loose dey hollin soulja boy tell'em gon hit Dat 1,2

Chorus 2x:
Ahhhh yuh snap and roll yuh snap and roll yuh
Teacher Hollin Out Soulja Boy Do Yo Work. She Talkin Bout Adjetives, Pronouns, And Verbs. I'm Knocked Out I Ain't Here Nuthin The Class Heard. Im Daydreamin
we always talkin' 'bout hoes

Slim Thugga that's a real nigga
Skrilla that's a real nigga
My mother that's a real nigga

I'm tha face card for
Ho's say I'm a dog nigga, naw I'm a Hogg nigga
I got money, so fuck it I'm a ball nigga
Them other boys just out here rapping it
While I'm a young nigga
wit' whole lotta guns, bussin' shots (Yeeaaahh)
So somebody call 50, and tell him come quicky
Go try to make 'em young boys stop (Ooowhh!!)
I'm not sent
until tha day we die (Bu-bu-bu-buck!)
Some say I'm out my mind, I say I'm about my grind (What!!)
Dat's why when I tell 'em I bought a phantom
They know
dat you need yours
Shit ain't all good but tha hood still got my back
And believe dat I got my strap (Get 'Em Buck!!)
I don't wanna hear bout tha shit
head again
I'm better than ever
Never let em featherin that I be feticine
Sever a head tha mic n then we peddlin' medicine 
Tennessee, Alabama

My pistol's blarin', what?
An' I'm not carin', tell 'em
Because I'm ready for action

These niggas think I'm playin'
My Tec-9 be sprayin',
Florida, Tennessee, Alabama

My pistol's blarin', what?
An' I'm not carin', tell 'em
Because I'm ready for action

These niggas think I'm playin'
em while they sleepin'
Now I'm the last muthafucka breathin'

I walk around with a knife in my back
Talkin' bout a bad day, I live a life like that
please. My goons got guns on deck. Nigga D. I. E. or live off I.v's. It's what I am with tha YB's

[Yung Berg:]
Get em

Fresher than a baby's bottom crazy
I'm a pro soon as I jumped off of the porch pee-wee show me how it go
That was in 92 see by 94
I was cookin cuttinem, weighin, in the grind getting
It's Major Pain, baby
Ha, Ha
Ight, let me get serious

[Chorus: x2]
I come through and show em how to do it
by the gun die by the same thang
Time bomb tickin won't bust until ya push it

And I'm buckin on em
I'm wylin on em
I'm crankin on em
instead, they put'em on a self-destruct,
But I don't want to go to hell.
Vix'n tha body does it tell'n explicit,
For more'n I seen ya vision,
And let
Bartender know me and he know I do tha fool
E'ry body in my ear and I'm like who is you?
Give me fifty Hennessy's on tha rocks for these boys
Can't stand male
talkin' 'bout?
I'm waitin' for my boys downstairs to get done
They wouldn't let me on stage they said I was too drunk
But it's about to be two girl, tell
'em burn nigga
(All these niggas want be hot boys) We let 'em burn nigga

[Verse Four: Lil' Wayne]
Now I'm runnin with all these killas so all I know is

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