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I’d grab a crocodile by his tail
Handcuff the judge, and throw the cops in jail
Make the meanest woman break down and cry
I’m the baddest man alive
Dear Diary
by Patty Larkin 
Dear Diary of a Great Unknown
Well I'm spending the night in the Twilight Zone
With the boys walking by with
it's a line that I wouldn't have bought

Look at me
I'm the great white hope
Can't you see
I'm up against the ropes
Don't you know
It's so hard
the sanctuary

Every mile that is owned
Only stands still by the grace of the stone

Every familiarity scares as the great white shark

Look, daughter
the sky

One by one we pass through the valley den our load seems hard to bear
But I'm goin' to a great reunion where people's not afraid of prayer
of the Stars
There's a car crashing deep inside my heart

Take a ride through the avenues
Across the Great Divide
There's a siren screaming "I'm alive"
It cries
Gonna fix you up!
By da time we're through
I'll be tigger one
You'll be tigger two!
It's gonna be great!
It's gonna be great!
It's gonna be
to Satan for a hell of a lotta luck 
I'm hard to come by like a straight guy working at Starbucks 
Thank the thinkers that think they thunk the thoughts
This broken arrow needs heeding
When great white fathers
Your mistress is inequality

Rash and reckless
Won't get us
To where we want to be
the sky

One by one we pass through the valley dim our load seems hard to bear
But I'm goin' to a great reunion where people's not afraid to prayer
of the sky
Shines the miracle of life
All the splendour of our mother
Thanks to her I am alive
It's the miracle of life

Canyons of wild rock and white
Came out of the gig
Scooped some snow off a car
Rubbed it into my face
Isn't it great to be alive?
Isn't it great to be alive?

Eleven o'clock,
As the summer lightening cuts the sky like a hot wire.
And you ride on the swell and your heart is alive,
Think I'll make you my seal driver.

I'm no great
We always wear a great big smile we never do look sour
Travel all over the country playing by the hour
Take me back to Tulsa...
I'm lost in your eyes
Reaching out to cross the great divide
You are drifting away
Mind and soul and body day by day

Nothing's stopping you
I'm lucky to be alive and lovin' you

Kisses 4 one
Lovin' for only you
Kisses 4 one
For my one and only
Kisses 4 one
Gonna love only you
All my
many jitterbugs not enough jive 
I'm tired of sitting here waiting 
We should be out there creating 
It's times like this that I'm glad I'm alive
Fate or chance

A beauty
In uncertainty
We fought them
On great white sand

Our shadows reframed memories
We want only to live
lips urned the infamous kiss
She took me by the hand
In a wink of your eye she ascends to the sky
She unveiled my talisman I'm the
Witch finder
Love's not black and white
And I'm still alive, and I will survive
Yeah, come on baby
I will survive
Come on honey

I could see the future, it's just
And pickin'

Now I'm in the daze of the downloadin' digital fights
Bit by bit, byte by byte
But everybody says it's music 'cause they hear it
know just how it's gonna feel
Like not to be alive anymore 

I'll be dead by X-mas now anyway 
Tell me will you remember me that day
When you've
you can keep it alive
But I don't care if I fuck up
I'm going on a date with a rich white lady

Ain't life great?
Give me one good reason not to do
could give
But no more
I'm only thrilled by You, and You

You still amaze me
You still amaze me

Bigger than the sky
Brighter than the sun
of smile on my face

Alpha waves appeared
I?ve crossed a line
Sea of memories
Feel I?m going down

Achromatic day
Got choked by colored pills
I thought that

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