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Illuminating Shadows  


Illuminating the dark yea 
Got me feeling like city lights
Faith stay on a 100
Boy you know that I'm feeling right 
I'm feeling right
Boy you know
Illuminating You are
Loving Father, strong and true
Beautiful You are
Illuminating You are
Forgiving beyond measure
Loving Father

You have called us to humility
Illuminating the area where the dark hides
Communicating out everything where my heart lies
We all need that something to keep us moving right
lights among the crowd stood chuckling
A negative developed in the bath and hung to dry

Bright in time
Bright in time
Quite illuminating

Bright in time
In the dark
Color Kaleidoscope
Neon hearts
In the dark

Like the one before, I hit the pillow hard again last night
Took a deep
it a chance

Your love, intoxicating
Your touch, illuminating
Your kiss, inebriating
Your love, penetrating me

You are the solar storm inside
Embrace our fellow man, no longer vilified

Radiant we'll shine
Heart and soul, one mind
Illuminating all
Answering the call

Decisions by
Illuminating magic
Illuminating mirth
Illuminating insight
Illuminating worth

Fantasy in purple
Fantasy in purple

Blending red and blue
Purple then results
mind illuminating 
Imagine when the stars align 
Two souls intertwined 
You are mine 
We'll be together for eternity 

Beauty so ethereal 
Memories are hazy
This city is alive
Pumps diamond white starlight
And we ride until the morning light
It's unnatural
It's all these chemicals
Find Your Light
Strive to have it shine so bright
Oh Find Your Light
And take it up to full flight
Need to Find Your Light
Illuminating in the sky
Always getting faded, all these drugs that I been taking
I said thoughts up in the basement, swear to god I’m changing
So illuminating all these
seems to flow
Like a blue sapphire alone
Illuminating all the deepness
And all my loneliness
All my fears
Illuminating my dark blue sapphire
Oh I, I come
Intoxicating you are to me
Illuminating you are to see
Truly breathtaking you are to breathe
Sending my head spinning you are, you see

And I've
a brave new world

With an open mind you will fit in
And you'll be shining like the sun

Our souls illuminating the universe
And filling with our
rest originality for sake of passing it around
Illuminating realization number one
You are the only light there is
For yourself my friend
You are
rest originality for sake of passing it around
Illuminating realization number one
You are the only light there is
For yourself my friend
You are
or steal...

When we are at the forge
Of creation, but who knows
What lights up the torch
Illuminating the process for all those
Those who are at the forge?
has turned to light 
Flickers bright
Like fireflies illuminating my mind 
Taking flight footprints fade away
Crystallized my mind
From a trail of dust
I’m smiling bright
like a tangerine Oh Illuminating the scene
Brighter than the sunshine in the evening
Sleeping in never out
How I look when I’m
from the dark
I can feel it in my heart
Superstar dreams, illuminating me
Wannabe rockstar
Watch me as I go far
Tried to keep me in the dark
You can’t
in June, we’ll watch the world bloom
And start again, we take a hold and move
Towards the Sun
Illuminating to forget the past
At ease, we please
the summer
All of your colors
Rushing through my mind
I could never picture you in black and white
All of your colors
Seeping through the sunset
the thinkers and believers ever fleeting
And I’m thinkin' it’s alright
To love the ones who leave it all behind
Illuminating notions of the one true idea

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