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too quiet 
Been withholding my emotions 	
And stomached all ignominies 
In silence for way too long 	
Now I've done had enough
My barrel's overflowing
To live forever in your stupid dream
And face the ignominy that old age brings
Looking up in your heart, but I think you know
That a nurse's life
Deep inside a heaving forest
Hear the brook that speaks
It speaks of lives, past and present
All of which are bleak
A woman of ignominy
A child

Archaic tale of persecution
Apprehension of soul ignition
Visualizing blissful elysium
Ignominy of pervert joy conception

Archaic tale
Je sens en moi de l'infini
Il me démange des étoiles
Il flotte des bateaux à voiles
Il flotte des ignominies

Des prisonniers que l'on massacre
She was a pillar of society, destined to live a life of ignominy
on a plane going nowhere in a soap opera world, what we gonna do with this
you've said not looking
in to deep in the
meaning of what they've
read twisted words
causes ignominy twisted
words changes what
things used to be it
justified as the gap of humanity fraction grows
 The skull of life lobotomized 
Hear me I'm ignominy 
There's no renaissance in bleeding 
No I've flown
Encore eût-il fallu que Peggy le sut
Au nom du père, au nom du fisc
Ignominies pas tristes

Ouh, mes rognons 1515
J'eusse aimé qu'elle
hands clean of guilt and ignominy
It's the proletariat creed

Be the spark that starts a revolution
Stand up for what's right by moral decree
They push
from Neo Geo
Don't know lemmings from truth
There you are again in our scene
Our bloodthirsty ignominy
Hierarchy slaughtering exactly what I'm watering
reminiscent of a quick bluff dubbed romance
The ignominy of my ignorance for thinking this was a slow dance known in late advance
Hindsight overtook my second
I gave her just what she lacked Marlene stole my act

So now I work in drag bars just to earn a crust
Oh to face such ignominy      
And people
stomped the hull led by a ring thru its nose 
And they drowned in ignominy, and they lost their Mary Rose 

Time-proven artists mind a stone-cold clutch
Of Humanity Fraction Grows
The Skull Of Life Lobotomized
Hear Me I'm Ignominy
There's No Renaissance In Bleeding No
I've Flown A Million Minds Black In Despair
à s’entraider
Sans trop céder on apprend à s’aimer
C’est vrai, c’est ma vision d’utopie
J’étais rêveur depuis trop petit
Ces ignominies dans le monde m’agacent
the ecstasy of your curves

I walk with my gilded animals
They never miss their prey
Ready to pounce on tainted mouths
To rip ignominy off their skins

Help me
a cowardice balsam
That chain his spirit and avoid him to search
   That dress of ignominy the devious path
Toward himself is afraid to arrive.

By fortuitous
ignominy furthered in degradation of divine quintessence
Thus may the ever swirling torrent suffocate the ustulate light of causal escrescence

and you caused all my guilt 
Ignominy wasn't the reason I built 
This whole story, it's getting too gory, to bloody, to muddy
It's not even funny no more
And again
And again
And again
Broken is gridlock of good graces
Broken is any hope of ignominy
And he said
Something under his breath
the flames

Your vision of a brand new day
Was ravaged by the war
Fire is your just reward
Ignominy your fate

Flames shall feed the fire
Flames shall purify
Told what is best for me
But I've seen their destiny
Our leaders ignominy
Reconfirm my concern to rearrange and change my life
I'll vow
I'll vow
late too

Murder me destiny
Spare me the ignominy
Give up insecurity
Just be what you want to be
Compelled to procrastinate
I nearly go blind from

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