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the song from Neal:

"Yes, Beware of Darkness was written by George Harrison, the ex-Beatle. It is the first cut on the 'All Things Must Pass' album
- Annie's Song album. It has also been released on The John Denver Collection - Calypso album, as a live version.

The world is fast becoming younger
(Spoken:) Right!

Movie version:


(Kelly (spoken):) I don't want to sound like I'm preachin' a sermon
(Silvers (spoken):) Oh, preach
(Spoken:) Right!

Movie version:


(Kelly (spoken):) I don't want to sound like I'm preachin' a sermon
(Silvers (spoken):) Oh, preach
Kate, I'm honoured to have you, my daughter
Sing on my Chrstmas album with me
Here is a lovely song called Winter Wonderland
And maybe you could
[P. Wagner, J. Schroeder/P. Wagner]

[This is a fun-version with new words of an very old song from Avenger, the band that became Rage in late '85.
and missin'
Bulletproof cars are driven, Teflon edition
Bodies cut up in large chunks, thrown in car trunks
Music inside the bar stunk
Gettin' surrounded by
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    Together You And I Lyrics
Radio speaker: (not on album version)
Welcome to the radio show: young, free and single!
We got a good show lined up for you, let's have our first
has not stickered my album, I made
TWO versions"
Verse 2: Brother Marquis
The First Amendment gave us freedom of speech
So what you sayin'? It
we are BONDED by the First Amendment!  We have the
freedom of EXPRESSION!  We have the freedom of CHOICE!  And you,
Chinese, black, green, purple, Jew,
I'm a wolf, black version of Twilight
These rap nigger's too thick, they make a plight
This is a rap sticker, I heard your album
But like
[studio demo version of the song "you not me" from 1997, recorded ]
[during the making of the album falling into infinity. available ]
[on the cd
with no cash flow, is like Luke without his gaped teeth
So forget, what my Porsche cost
Just realize I got enough do', to pay for R. Kelly's court
twisting the sterile canvas snoot of
a fully-charged icing anointment utensil. And every time a nice little muffin comes
by on the belt, he poots forth...
claped by (BANG) Your girl got magged (BANG) by that smooth criminal
I'm A product of my environment
I aint saying me and you are any different im just
Three passports, Three first class tickets to the money 
Straight flights 

I live by the cold war 
Drove from round the globe 
All I need is
squad of design monsters
Innovating the styles that made biters look like imposters

So we scripted an album and signed to Rawkus
Selling a hundred
an understatement, I'm Satan
Canibus is amazing, I don't know what the fuck Germain is
I just know that both of y'all are trying my patience
I don't give a fuck about
this bar!

By two o'clock, when the bars are already closed down, BILLY had broken 'THE BIG NEWS' to ETHELL. And with dust and boulders everywhere,