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Damned to a ghostly substance
Created by a lesser god
Damned to carry this burden
Forever in your sour souls
Damned to dig on rotten roots
knows I need to need you
By the time this love is over I'll be sleepin' on the street

Damned if you love me
Damned if you don't
It's gettin' harder
and that will be your death 
Damned by the damned 
and cursed by the cursed 
Deliver the kiss of poisoned breath 

Infernal chanting forever
life, have damned 

You are a good friend 
Friendly as good friends can be 
Your father wants you to live on his knee 
This is the start of the end,
the earth to see You

For all of this life
Your Spirit ignites
A heavenly fire
Untouched by the night
You opened our eyes
Turned death into life
At the gates of Urizen

Eternal twins are damned

At the gates of Urizen

Separate lives begin

At the gates of Urizen

The ladder falls away
can to fight this anger
I'm just a product of a living hell
And I don't wanna live like this no more

Everything is ruined in my head
Sometimes I
Bound by fate, all lives fade
Last chance to meddle with the agony
Now choose your side

Summon the violence to end our pain, call out
to future
Carnage formed rebirth
A sickened lust of hatred
Damned to eternal plight
Obscene art alive through death
Crafted gore
Masterful slaughtering
Statue of Liberty
Outside of Birmingham
Stands by the highway
Raises its lily white hand
Boatloads of people
Rush to America's Birmingham
advice I found is don't look down

Don't look down
A tiny spark to set it off
Ignite the dark and live it up

Don't fix it if it hasn't broken yet
at my team
Entrepreneurs gettin publishin, raw on tour, no rubbishin
Swan drops nukes by law, where we at wit this
Everywhere you see them four byes
And I will live for love
Where ever it may lead
It's written from the start
I know it's face by heart
I will live for love

I'm searching for the one who
A spark will soon ignite, burning flame of jah light 
A fire that will purify, and wipe away the city's lies
Reducing fortunes into ash, tear apart
children of the damned
Abandoned by the future and the
Past can't understand
You've never had a change since
Your journey began

Castaways, misfits out
Live and un-drugged six years and countin'
Believer in Christ, yes, yes, the blessed fountain
Apologetic warrior, chalk one up for the visitors
Chiming of three bellscall 
Hear my cries for Satan I live in sin War I ride 
Oh lord hear my bestial cries 
Sacrificing of the lamb Son of Satan
live not dead
Are left to start a new
Misshapen and half mutated
Not a zombie not a human
Evil creatures grew

Not one thing left alive but them
operative team
Everytime a black leader steps up, he gets trampled
Do I start makin speeches or just lead by example?

I'm damned if I do, and damned
a lie? (Goddamn) 
Are you consumed by the passionate crime? (I am) 
Become a rascal and a scandalous type 
And I just can?t take this anymore! 

I can feel
Tyrant, you'll be damned by your power
And the blood you've spilt
You will die by the sword

The violence
We Suffer
Why you live for?
Inside the walls surrounded
Destined to be damned, by the iron hand

Breakout, breakout
Breakout, breakout

Held in a state of motionless

Extreme pain is what they need to feel for the rest of their lives
Misery and Despair leaves their souls when infinity ends

Let them taste
the farmlands weep
Through the brand new gardens where rich men sleep
I'm gonna find it, I'm gonna prove it
And show the whole damned world how to use it
Turn it up and ignite the track
Light it up and pop a bottle cause your boys are back
I got one fucking goal by the end of the show
Make this whole