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Well, I can tell by the way you take your infusion
You've spent some time in a mental institution
What a dream, life would seem if only
They let
And it alternates whose turn it is and if you lose you drink."
They said "Man, you really make us think,
Yeah you make us think and so

Tonight we're
collapse if we don't get sidetracked
If we visualize living underwater hidden by prisms
Countries fall but people transition if one for all we live in that
the microscope I rebut' the scrutiny
If I'm to be compared it's only to who I used to be
Take a closer look at rappers and you might discover
This faggots
I knew that I'm your only one
I could live and make it throught time
But if one day
You just be gone
I wouldn't know how to ever get by
By the way did I hear you say
If some night I seem too lonely
You would stay
Oh and by the way
Have I told you yet that only recently
He moved out
take a while
Believe me, if you only knew

If you, if you could see me now
If you, if you could see me now
If only you, if you could see me now
Couldn't go on and last forever
If it's not you, who am I supposed to love

Now just a trace of what I knew
Only a shadow
I can't picture anyone but you
LOVE towards you
the feeling's better than bass drums
I'm not the only person that's able to read the letter on your face hun
I'll make an alternate
Where it reaches

I will be the steward of your southern lands
If you would only take my, take my shaking hands

Will you build your half
once you knew whats real
Take lok all around you, life is 
Passing you by The crazy things you 
Do will bring you lies If only
 with a kiss you would
beige-blandish god
Tends to certify it:

Only the boring and bland shall survive!
Only the lamest of lameness will thrive!
Take it or leave it, you won't be alive,
But this is all that I have

So please
Take what's left of this heart and use
Please use only what you really need
You know I only have so little
known, something so strong
Couldn't go on and last forever
If it's not you, who am I supposed to love

Now just a trace of what I knew
Only a shadow
to Heaven
What good is it for a man to gain the whole
World if in the end he loses his soul?
Swallowed whole but only Jah control my destiny
So when you
knew my name
When I die don't you weep for me for I've been in trouble with the law
And if you're lookin' for a place to bury me take me three days out
For so long I was deceived 
Enslaved by these chains 
Blinded to Your forgiveness 
If only I knew Your love 

Giving Your life to save me from
your mind
If you knew the God I know
You would have the time

If you take a chance
I know you will find
Everything you need in love of another kind

If I thought I knew what was good for you
I would have gone and done it for myself

Worlds of tomorrow
Life without sorrow
Take it because it's
misunderstood, I've been mistreated
Somehow I knew you would not take back what you said
I've been misunderstood but your wish in granted
By daylight I'll be gone,
adjust the window
For my feelings to come through.

And by far, you are more beautiful
Than anything I ever knew
If you say my eyes are beautiful,
If you
If you ever get the chance to go to Dallas
Take it from me, pass it by
Cause you'll only sing the blues down in Dallas
Take it from me, don't go
know us niggas by the walk or the size of their chain
you know the motto
we live for today, there's no tomorrow
we're only makin' time for the hoes
The 'Story Of The Rabbit Man'
Fell right in and said to him
"I'd like to help you if I can"
I know the film would only shock ya
Ruben Remus ain't no doctor

lead me back to you

Now as I behold your bright eyes smilin' back at me
It's as if by fate's decree that we have this love to share
You only have

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