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nobody made you
do what you'd done
nobody told you
what you'd become
if you believe
that you get what you gave
don't turn around
just give it
Nobody made you
Do what you`d done
Nobody told you
What you`d become
If you believe
That you get what you gave
Don`t turn around
Just give it
Goodbye Jim & Jackie, goodbye John & May
We hate to see you leaving, bound for the USA
But if you don't believe your country should come before
Reverend Charisma
And by amphetamine's end
We'll get to heaven
If you follow me, follow me
Get on your knees, and follow me
the chips
20's for the six
Hollows for the clips
Try me, if you think I'm playing bitch
And the police we'll have another crime scene taker
Jim Star crush
You're layin there, lookin at her photo in frame
And you're chirpin like a bird while you're singin her name
You call her every night, then you're off by
Words & Music by
Ed Bruce and Jim McBride

He could never pay her back
For all she's done for him
She never asked for more
Than what he could afford
believe that's us
And when the mics are on and we bust
It like an adrenalin rush
To your home and mine too and everyone behind you
As long as you keep
We smart ain't we?

[Jim Jones]
Sheeit, the heat's in the kitchen, I speak to you listen
The beef if it thicken the heat'll stay clickin, believe that?
're running the show
I'll do whatever you tell me baby,
I'm at your service

Baby I can come by
And pick you up
We'll make love into the night,
It's never
a problem with you, you the blame you know
Send a message and then this niggas brains explode
So if you see a nigga holla at me passin' by
Show up
How do you feel about that?

Cult Leader eh ha ha ha

Yea there comparing you, to you know like Jim Jones or Davey Koresh

You know that's real
By jim carroll and lenny kaye

I don't believe in sin
But maybe I'll begin
A vagrant evil's climbing up my skin
The shadows from last week
Triple X, dvd's, I got a whole stack in
Was snapped out of my daydream by something that I seen
I left the tissue full of spunk on the floor by my jeans
like to be with you

You should try to go to some place, honey,
where the weather is hot, and the music is funny
you should try down south, by the magic
the words, and put them in plastic sucks, rip it to the nation, let it go what, what
Bitch I would speak your mind, even if they offended you 'cous
Ride off in
Can't you tell by my cut why I'm pimpin'
And if I hit one time she's limpin'
And if he trick one dime he's simpin'
'Cause we don't do it like
on that Peter Pan
Paranoia, weeded damn, damn, but we the man
Proceed to jam, call us if you need a hand
Call us if you need some grams, (Jim Jones) Cesar
Now the folks back home would tell you Tuck was just crazy an' old
But I still believe in Conquistador gold
An' those memories look like a mirage in
I'm greetin' bustas wit' the heat
And you can see me clearly like a DVD
When I beat on your ass like a MPC
I'm twistin' bitches up like the dreads
on that Peter Pan
Paranoia, weeded damn, damn, but we the man
Proceed to jam, call us if you need a hand
Call us if you need some grams, (Jim Jones) Cesar
and the seeker reef
Used to check the Tinie man for the DVD
He and I reminisce sometimes
Peace in east, LA gettin' lean with Dee (I got a)
I don't why you
my bricks, I flood ya whole city in titties
Please believe, that I'm a lil' crazy motherfucker
Turned out by the Spillman's, Gaithen's, and Ruckas
sir here we go
Jim Jones see'est see'est bon Santana magnifique
You niggas know Holla at me if there's any beef
Yes sir, huh
I know in vise versa we
a biters "Why?" back dry
Real Earth hides in the syntax
Even if you don't take kindly to riff-raff (We do)
Boneheads illustrate a vessel to believe

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