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Blue collar Eddie and his better half Delores used to be mantel pieces down at the Black Forest. 
And I don't know if that bar still exists, but when
me, she got me, she got me
She got me
She got me, she got me, she got me
Oh she got me

She walked into my life
(She walked)
She walked right
Into a ragin' fire
Melvin: I can live forever,
If I so desire

Eddie: Unimportant, are all these things
I can do
'Cause I can't get next to you
their records on hold
They threatened by my presence cause I make them feel old
Guaranteed if they drop, they bragging bout what they sold
long, long way
I said it's such a long way From the street
[If you like the blues I think we can ...
Home life, wife and children, a community life
Blank Face, tre 8, kill everybody, fuck an AK
Sell narcotics and step my dollars up to Bill Gates
PusH all limits, you lookin' timid, need to back
won't hurt so much if I can't just pretend
So walk out backwards and I'll think you're walking in
[ steel ]
You walked into my heart in search
was great in the scene where she found someone new
You should have seen my look of surprise
And if you'll have just walk into the picture this is
she needed me
Did I ever turn away?
Would I be there when she called
If she walked into my life today?

Did she mind the lonely nights?
Did she count
to agree, niggas don't love us
Niggas don't want us, niggas don't trust us, niggas can't touch us!
My life that's on paper? That's the shit that I publish
There's nothing for the record
And nothing to condemn
It's in between this waking life
But you walked into the party
To tell me to live
She walked her way down
It brought my mind back
From where I was trapped
How long will it take
For tension to break?

Feel it sliding off
She walked her way down
It brought my mind back
From where I was trapped
How long will it take for tension to break

Feel it sliding off
what I promised you

Get ready heart now brace yourself I've got to call her
And though she hurt me I've got to know the reason why
She came into my life
from my man, word bond she was bad
If I met her whole family I would kiss her dad

So in my mind I was thinkin' she really liked me
She got a good
If I could I would rewind the times she cried, 
I just turned around and walked away.
Wish there was a switch I could hit
Then she'd love me like
and will I end up like my mother
by myself with no other
with no other

If you see Mary please will you help her
She seems to be looking for
My name is Miguel Simone
A man who walked it alone
At least that's what it says on the stone under the sycamore

my mother was dead by the time I was
She was counting out her tips
And staring at the clock
When that jet black Pontiac
Slid into the parking lot
He walked in with a crazy grin
Said "I'm
be mine
In no others arms entwined
Down beside where the waters flow
Down by the banks of the Ohio

I asked her if she'd marry me
And my wife forever
A third floor walk-up...
One block east of Chinatown.
She walked by my window,
While the rain is pouring down.
Looking in she sees the easy money

I asked my love to take a walk
Just to walk, a little ways
And as we walked, then we could talk
About our future wedding day

But when she
I walked up the stars in my minds eyes
I remember how they would creak loudly
She was only responsive with a drink he was only responsive by photo
Just an old country boy, wearing my Osh-Kosh boots
Walked by the trailer factory, every day on my way to school
And early on in life, the only
Into their life walks their Prince charming and steals there heart away.
The bond we've made will last forever I give you my promise today.
If you