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down, down
Yeah Mr. Usher's on his way to town

He keeps his sights set straight and true
His idle hands wont flit or flutter
Never does he slip

We won't be moved by demands
We know the truth and we will stand

We know there's so much more
Than what the world is living for
We won't be
Listen, by the time I'm done with you (done with you)
Ain't gon' be nothin' left to do (left to do)
I'm a take my time when I put it on you
Fingerprints on clouded out transfers and identity theft.
Where forged documents guarantee safety.
Shredded evidence of some obscure masquerade.
Digging... tunnels... through my... identity

Maggots took over by brain
Eating me 'til I'm dead
Soon there's nothing left
Inside my hollow head
me. create me.
A neoteric identity
By you.

Blistered, secreting everything
Into expansion from sin.
Forcibly redefined subdominant
By you.
By blinding
the sea
Tides that defeat identity
Washing away the beauty that was in your mind

I can hear the sounds you don't remember
The sounds of birds in trees
We all cried at the ending
We all stayed for the credits
And I kept my ticket as a souvenir

Found our way by the usher's light
To a place
Usher speaking

What's sup?
My name is Usher,
You can trust there ain't
No punks in this house,
And if you really wanna know what my name is
U.S.H.E.R R.A.Y.M.O.N.D,
And I just wanna do right by my lady,
But lately I been slippin' up, fantasies bout dimes on the side,
Dark tint on my ride, I
[lyrics by Christian Lesegue and Bob Parduba]

Rise to the order of a supreme society
Strike down rebellion control identity

Here's a problem you won't soon escape.
Your identity forever changed.
Think of all the fools you could've been,
And how you played the fool to get
If we borrow words
They'll have to be returned;
Keeping them would surely be remiss.
The stars have acquiesced
By giving us this night;
If we borrow words
They'll have to be returned
Keeping them would surely be remiss
The stars have acquiesced
By giving us this night
Let's just
Time to escape, no time to lose
There's no way to go, for me

Laugh, BANZAI by force, Can't sing to your expectation...
Identity Smash & Smash
what's left behind
A life of a different kind
The truth, a thousand tales
Twisted words, fantasies
Spoken by the tongues of
The faceless identities
A fair and stately palace
Gone mad within itself
No life around the forest
Circling the monarch's realm
The curse of generations
Upon the Usher clan
It's the face of the perfect crime

Mistaken identity
I am not the man
Look at my face
I am not the man

I whisper your name
It's not my voice
That is muted and soft down on Beacon Street
Then a bar or two of classical music
Will waft through the air
Newspaper adverts will usher
Those of whose identities are known
By the mark of the crucified Son

Praying, caring, loving, sharing
These are the marks of the cross, ohh
I'm not the car I drive, no

I'm not the job I work
You can't define my worth
By nothing on God's green earth
My identity is found in Christ,
is mistaken identity

Whoever push me like Pusha T, I push back
I push a cap, before '93, I pushed crack
I'm hood, black, you know me well, what's good
Left your secret identity by the kitchen sink
Poisoned all this composure running in too deep
But I just sing
I've got all that I am needing
Enslaved by society chosen by your free will
Enslaved by democracy and fake equality
Enslaved by society run by your energy
Enslaved by
Solitary houses by the fjord
Rain is drifting in small water chains
Silent voices talking behind walls
Fire burning keeps us warm


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