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what's left behind
A life of a different kind
The truth, a thousand tales
Twisted words, fantasies
Spoken by the tongues of
The faceless identities
identity, my freedom gagged and bound

Surrounded by convicted felons, locked down in this cell
What did I ver do to earn this living hell

Busted by
of submission
Salvation by grace,
Christianity by performance

Lust for power, desire to rule,
The beauty of life
The feeling of guilt, your weapon
The constant realization of dominance results in fear

Wake-up tired with a mouth full of nothing
Deceived distressed by the truth they've been
Life before you cannot conceive
Thoughts repressed denial to believe

Precise identity you cannot tell
Existing inside this mortal shell

Removes weakness frame by frame
New beginning's taking shape
Destiny recalls my name

This was then but this is now
Regained power and control
You've been targeted in the night
By violent mercenaries.
Your identity's been confused
With one that looks like you

You're a simple man living
suffer my indifferrence
Answer to me
My faith in you destroyed
By hypocrisy
It retards your thinking
Answer to me
Retard your thinking
Answer to me
other to be men
By spewing in the street
Well, now I know just what to do
To make my man complete
Against the power of their misguidance
We must
is to judge people, not by their individual character,
But by their identity as a member of a specific group

No one has ever succeeded or failed in
Power is a Human syndrome no-one can avoid
Trying to defend it won't do you any good
Why live your life in abstinence when wealth is to prefer
speak, they follow with altered conception, pursuing you as a power of some sort

From within you have no direction
Masses choke on the scripts you have
Up, up, and away. Ball Point Man's come to save the day. 
I've got sass and savvy pack flash by the paragraph 
I'm more novel than War and Peace
threaten the power that they cherish 
Whatever you go through in a police cell is nothing compared to the suffering inflicted by Governments 

The state
to fight
And we will meet side by side
The power within us
We'll take us there
We'll make it there
Even if we collide

So don't be afraid
We'll make it
the store man
Every car I drive I'm trying have you saying whoa man
Fourth album comeback power like Rogaine
Records say Columbia but I'm So So man 
on interstates
By the progress of a world 
Of trucks and other developments
Or kept inside 
Protected by the serenity of a birdcage
Unaware of the powers that
whoa man
Fourth album comeback power like rogaine
Records say Columbia but I'm So So man
I stay on my grind bringin in that dough man
From records
alien race
My mother formed me from a lump of magic clay
I'm given super powers by a yellow sun
I studied under the Ancient One
I got an adamantium
Heard drive-bys everyday
Seen homies die early age, though we still gang bang anyway
Uh, yeah, Figg side

Though we still gang bang anyway, uh

So watch 'em do the Macarena, somewhere out by Pasadena
Love a drug that everybody here just tryna get a taste of
You a waste of the space that you
Atoms by the millions, til the numbers increasing
Til it was burning he kept returning itself to the source
The hotter his thoughts it gave
See the power in the eyes
Of the innocents' lies, of the countless lives
Lost in the struggle for a new formation
Terror simulation
A complex network, always expandin
Growin by the minute
The realm of broadcast, borders are infinite
Signals energized and ready for transmit
Workin its way
Thin-blooded weak, grafted-brain punk
Your power's a third of mine, you drunk funky skunk
How dare you use Jesus name to shell your filthy religion
My tongue

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