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Luxurious teenage youth

Idealize me, I'll idealize you
Leave me all hazy, it's beautiful
This summer lightning passing through
Has got me blinded, it's
you may believe the world is upside down
Follow leaders, idealize and yell your rebel songs
But come on and try again

Accused of lies you draw the line
But now that I see you with him, I know it's too late

And I would like you to give me another chance
But I feel like I idealize this romance
I get
Why don't you stay right there
Back up a bit from me
I want to idealize you
Idolize you
Familiarity will be the end of this reality
Don't even care
and have some idea inside
That breaks apart from the whole
All idealize of a dream life
That brings us to a common goal
I'm conflicted, are you an adult
On Tuesday nights because tickets are half price

People say I idealize
But I don't want to waste my time
On someone who can't be what I need
Someone not meant
learning I don't know who I am
I'm almost certain I wove you a lie even though
I'm always hurting without you beside me
You know it's cursed when we idealize
Um ano novo Idealize, os Sonhos não podem esperar,
Os concretize existe sempre uma forma de alcançar.
Se realize e olhe o que está ao seu redor, se
Please don't crush what we idealize
Please don't talk in circles baby
Don't you go that far
This could be the part where our love dies  Please Don't
Usain Bolt, ninguém vence sem determinação 
idealize, sonhe e realize parceiro
querem te ver no chão, não vão, fica ligeiro 
um dia vão te olhar e vão
Take me down
Take me down

Sailing on the roaring sea
Thinking of how it all could be
It's just now that I realize
That I might idealize

The way
Megan you are mine, your my teenage idol
All I ever wanted was to be like you
When I see you and we are at school,
I just idealize you, because
on and spell a name.
(D) Darling, darling, darling.
Why don't you come on and spell a name
(I) Indeed I'll idealize you.
You gotta come on and spell her
decide, if you must deride
That I'm much obliged to up and go

I'll idealize, then realize
That it's no sacrifice because a price is paid
And there's
decide, if you must deride
That I'm much obliged to up and go

I'll idealize, then realize
That it's no sacrifice because a price is paid
And there's
That I idealize 
Don't cry baby 
Don't cry baby 
Dry your eyes 
Let be sweetheart again 

You know I didn't mean to 
Make you feel blue 
Honest I
to the core of
reaction formation
sublimation channeling
idealize the maker
move the application
above the form
til it brings you down
i cannot feel your
you just might hang yourself
You've got it coming to you
[ steel ]
Someday you may need someone you idealize
Just hope and pray that they will love you
that pulse, stretch and deform
fundamental actions

Idealize before trace:
how heterogeneous
can be the limitless face
dia sem hesitar,
Não espere o jogo terminar!

Idealize, estratégias com cautela,  
Pois sua jogada, justificará seu fim. 

A inveja corre antes que
that I must release
They idealize old times of way back when
Poisoning the present with what might have been

Close the door, walk away
From all
And the fecund growth of truth...
Sick of hearing life deformed
That you pretend to idealize it!
With your fake redemption
You've destroyed reason!

I see stupid
It's time to say what we feel now
End what you say doesn't sit right
Why would we care to idealize
Stay where is less than ideal
And we can try
wise, only see otherwise
They idealize what they don't know behind, got em ostracized just to keep them in line
But they know it ain't bright on all

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