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Oh! Tell ya I got so disgusted now
     Said I'll go back home and sleep some more
Now that seem like the right thing to do
     But by
oh, Indianapolis,
Yeah, Indianapolis, Indianapolis
Let's go back to Indianapolis
Because it's the home of the gamma ray

Sure, I'm gettin'
me standin' in the doorway cryin'
I got nothing to go back to now

Maybe they'll get me, and maybe they won't
But not tonight and it won't be here
car's fast
With my girl by my side, we can go for a ride
And find a place we can dance
When it get real dark, we can stop in the park
And have a back
Kathy Ray, 
She'd been given her name by a certain gentlemen way
Back in the day, 
When she did her auditioning to be one of Ray Charles' girls.
I live to work and work to live
Oh but what i wouldn't give
For a ray of sun and a little piece of beach
Where the sand dollar is the only
wouldn't help her none
I mean, wouldn't help her none
It wouldn't help her none

Whoa, times don't get no better
Peoples, I'm gonna have to go
Times don't
And I think back to when you were mine

Wish I was cold as stone
Then I wouldn't feel a thing
Wish I didn't have this heart
Then I wouldn't know
I. The Healing Colors Of Sound, Part 1

II. My Shoes
[God says]
Melt the ice by summer
Turn the grass from green to gold
from nine to five

By the end of the day, all the kids would go play
And I'd come staggering home
With a dream in my hand and a master plan
Four thousand years ago, I came back to my senses
Jumped on a laser ray and blew into a new dimension
This vertical line, I watch it go by

Chop down
in the doorway cryin'
I got nothin' to go back to now
The light in this place is so bad
Makin' me sick in the head

All the laughter is just makin' me
can get by lookin' back on life
Find that I've too many things I've missed

I can get by without doing
All the crazy things some people do
But I
You wouldn’t know it to look at me, 
but I’m a superhero 
I’ve got x-ray vision and everything 
My frail frame belies my strength  
I can lift
Don't be fooled by appearances,
It only shows what the world already knows
Don't rely on the physical evidence
Of what the x-ray pictures show
Looks like our little boys will play

Play away, Ray
Play away, Ray

It's turned about it's back on you
Your famous 15 times by 2
You ask
to an end
Time stood still, and I missed you, girl
And my heart just wouldn't mend
And I will never let you go again

I'm glad I woke up in time
refused to go the distance
Back then I was Sigmund
Back then he wouldn't listen
against the wall
If my heart wasn't in it
I wouldn't be here at all

Blow by blow
Well it's blow by blow
And here we go again
(here we go again)
pulls her man around by the apron strings
If it wasn't for powder or that store-brought hair

That man of mine he wouldn't go nowhere nowhere
I got
you want to go it's up to you
And wouldn't it be fine
Following your heart, playing your own part

You and me out on a farm, let the sun be our alarm
to reality
Wake up in the morning by myself
So I'mma go hard 'til I got nothing left
'Cause I'mma die by myself, just like you, motherfucker
'Cause you ain't
Rays that burn my front and back
Our solar death that we deserve
For being ignorant with our world

We will die, we will fry
We never learn,
Will you tell me somethin' Mr Lumberjack is it one for forward and three for back 
Is it two for stop or four for go boy ask a whistle punk I don't know
Wouldn't that save you

Watched it all go by
Was it really true
Is that what it was?
Was that really you?

I'm looking back again
Tracing back

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