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So can you tell me why in every version of the events shown here, 
There's another season that crawls by like years, from blown speakers clear?
Hey hey hey hey

Everywhere that I go I can see you
Your ghost won't die
And every breath that I take I can feel you
Here by my side
You haunt

And it won't take long to forget ya 
You know I'm never wrong 
It'll all be over by Christmas 
No, it won't take long 

It won't take long
'm missing you 
As I stand alone in your room 

Everyday that will pass you by 
Every name that you won't recall 
Everything that you made by hand
No not one single memory

You will live in my heart forever
I'll forget about you-never
No matter what I do I won't stop loving you
Or the times
Thank you for the days,
Those endless days, those sacred days you gave me
I'm thinking of the days,
I won't forget a single day, believe me

You lose it just to find it
And as you walk right by it
You forget how you got there,
And why you never meant to stay.
And I won't watch you
me, they lose the line
I have my version of vital signs
But there are complications of a different kind

Tell me again, am I the same when I'm not
Ain't a day goes by, I don't burn a little bit of my soul 
Ain't a day goes by, I don't burn a little bit of my soul 
Scored some friends along
many times have I seen
You give me just what I need
Whoa, whoa, here I go again
I forget, You’re gonna work it out somehow
You think that I’d know by
as I lose my mind
Reminded by things I find
I know some clothes you left behind.
Wake me up, wake me up when all is done
I won't rise until this
'm getting harder to forget
I won't be a one night remedy
To help you live with your regret
Guess things are tough all over
Even on the single side of town
don't play dumb
Cause I know what you're thinking
Forget about it
Back it up
Cause you know that I 
Won't forgive you won't forget the
Damage done 
And I
through your frozen veins

There is no giving into you
It took a lifetime to forget your name
I swallowed everything you said
Exhale the poison
as I lose my mind
Reminded by things I find
I know some clothes you left behind.
Wake me up, wake me up when all is done
I won't rise until this
looked at you and said goodbye.
All I want right now is to forget,
Every single thing that I regret,
And drown out these embers...but I remember.
never heard a single chime 
never been a single day 
never seen a single ray 
so I'm going i won't stay 
and one day you'll have to pay 
never been
I know I won't have you in my way
And I'll keep pushin' every single day
I know you'll say all the things you say
But I'll keep pushin' every single
won't let you forget
I can tell you 'cause I know
You can make it on your own

You'll be wiser in the morning
So much stronger when the sun rises
uncle took me in, he ran a funeral parlor
He did a lot of nice things for me and I won't forget him

All I know is that I'm thrilled by your kiss
I don't
step one day at a time 
You can't loose your spirit 
Let live and let live forget and forgive 
It's all how you see it 
And just remember keep it
I once knew a girl by the name of Monique
She was my childhood sweetheart every day of the week
Whether PS46, or 151
After school I'd go to her
love my enemy
You could never take my history
You could never block my destiny
Never did love follow me
And I'll never return to poverty
Never fooled by
little homie, I got this little project
You and my lady pick up this dope
Drop my lady and the dope, don't forget to test the coke
Up in the attic she
I just shook the handshake
I just sealed the deal
I'll try not to let them
Take everything they can steal
People always told me
Don't forget your

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