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'm still stuck on 2nd Street
Stuck on 2nd Street

Stop by and see me anytime you want
I am always here 
In the shadows of the night 
Livin' the darkest
Now I see you smile
Nothing left to do but to let it rain
Repeat last 2 verses
1st verse repeat
2nd verse repeat
the 2nd of September
It's the first time we took a walk

And she's the only one
That showed me what its like
Well I'm broken hearted but
I swear that
I want to be by myself
(by myself)
Are you wired my child?
You live your life too would
Seeing things you never knew. 
One day it'll get you
with you
Oh and baby when I wake up, I'm gonna be there with you, a new day rise I want to look in your eyes when he sun comes up

Verse 2:
the 2nd of September
It's the first time we took a walk

And she's the only one
That showed me what its like
Well I'm broken hearted but
I swear that
... to me

[Repeat 1st Verse]

[Repeat 2nd Verse]

I joined with my destiny, eternally
I knew I was born again, an angel to be
A vision beyond
You shouldn't have
Stayed with me last night.
Despise the reason, 
She stayed the night.

I swear she screamed
She said so softly

there's got to be a better way
See, I don't know if I want to live my life like this for each and every day
But now I found that I've got to say
This is the first letter that I wrote back home to mom and daddy
A few days after I'd moved to Nashville
June 2nd 1964 Nashville Tennesee
Dear mom
in the 2nd grade I had a beard
I sit alone in the back of the art class
And draw necks with a big red dash
I never thought I'd be a lunatic
A descrase,
Trapacane, Word up
Here to speak about yo,
Polluted Wisdom
Yeah, 2nd Chamber, to all the Boos
Polluted Wisdom, 2nd Chamber, yo

Verse 1:

sit down if you wanna
I said I was just thinkin' bout Oklahoma 
The wild roller coaster ride we had that summer
Before we knew it we were on our 2nd
know there are limits 
Oh, oh, oh you crossed the line now you've got to go 


2nd verse 
Even when I'm dancin' and hot in
Forever(forever)and Ever(and ever)
I will always be there for you baby(whisper "I promise")

2nd Verse:
I've got to tell you what I feel in my heart
I wrote this
a Miami tan `n said
"hi i`m al capone - the 2nd restless youth"


Now his first hit came at seventeen - his second was his last
Some dealer
because I know you've been waitin'
Still writin' in his diary, the 2nd entry

My mama said, "Can you give her 3 dollars for a 5 dollar book of food stamps
climb to the likes of him who would have you
Spend eternity begging for mercy
The choice is yours
Do you care?
You should.

No relation or 2nd
with it Again
I got 12 on my neck
5 on my wrist
2 in my ear
I'm so Sick wit it
I been in the game since the age of 6
So by the time I'm 20 I'ma be
maki that cash
It's a little pup now everybody want to be hustlas
Earned my stripes from the platinum M-I-C
Now what's up 1-2-3 times and still
wit' the dope cookin'
And where I'm from 
Grown men don't take no ass whoopins


2nd verse
Not only weak niggas like to start bullshitta

So we all can hit the spot (now you gotta shake the spot) 

Got game by the tons lookin' for some 2nd II None 

Kinda fun but these hookers
all this shit people care about, 

that's made by man 

When all that shit's all gone 

There's nothing left in your hands 

I tried to crush pieces
a 40 in my lap

Back in 2nd grade, I carried a lunch box
Turned 21 started smokin crack pots
Snortin that D by the dime
Wish I could slow down, I
on my face books
Wanna be my friend wanna be my friend
The amount of requests that people send
I can 2nd guess that this wont end
Oh fuck hooray

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