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When the morning inside,
Girl it feels like I just took a sleeping pill
Oh you got that sleeping pill
Had me in the coma all night
So couldn't got it
Red pill blue pill
Milk of amnesia

Hey hey hey hey
C'mon I know that you want it
There's nothing, nothing to shout about
So jump, jump back
When I see 'em in the club, they sniffin' up that stuff
Give you one G of white
Give me two G of white
Give me three G of white
A eight ball for
my pill, I kill for kicks
Gonna kill, gonna kill kill kill
I want my pill I want my pill
Five four baby three two one
Gimme sopor
Five four
Painted people get you going and I'll smother that pig in a holy scene.
It ain't too hard to see,
The paint, my love, gets you going like you want
to hurt her? Just for something to do
Can you draw a perfect circle?
Lot of lies cover the truth, you got options, what do you do?
I wash these pills down
It's been 3 days
That's probably why you have a headache nowDid you take it 
I did this morning, yeah.
That's probably why you have
pill, Girl you got that sleeping pill
Kinda love I'm feeling in

When the morning inside (Bottom of the ocean)
Girl it feels like (Bottom
right If I take em for like more than a few days I get that haunted look 

Give me loads of pills 
Give me loads of pills 
Give me loads of pills
Said she on the pill and she rolling, dawwwg
She want it all night long
Straight cash, all I want
Them doors go up on that Lam'
Bitch could
shaking in the morning light
I don't know what could be expected of me
I only know that I believe what I see
And you, do you see what I see
Yeah you, do
But I know ya said that ya'll wait for me, wait for me

Can I see you in the morning sun 
Shining down 

I want to see you
I want to see you
Had no friends for to go my bail
They slapped my dried up carcass in the county jail.

Early next morning about a half past nine
I spied a sheriff
can't own her and that's a bitter pill

So I can't own her (Of all the things you've got the thing you want the most is her)
And I never will (And
morning sun
In the sheltered morning sun

You make your own rules
You'll have excuses
The ones that you choose
In the end
You deem
number three (ooh, mistake number three)

It's strange how much it changes
How they want to know
How cynical are people
That's where children go
it's just what I do
I am woman

Not saying move over, I'm just here to help
That's what God made me for, you ain't gotta build by yourself
You got
mindless thoughts
3 pairs of wishes for all that you want

All I want for you is happiness
All I have to give is nothing less 
Than more than one or two
he only got an eight now, now
I feel that I'm paused by all the pills
I see no wrong, yeah

On a foggy day
Revolving doors in London to a foggy
Why did I come here tonight
With all these feelings inside
You're much too good for this life
And all the pain that you hide
I want to take you
But I'm grieving yet
And for some the sky is bright
I cannot give up hoping
For a morning light
So I ask the killers do you sleep at night
for, my old school paid for
The hummer roll up that means you assed out

And you didn't cash out, see this my trap house
I slam fiends backs out we push
Is full of life
It's time for tea
And meet the wife

Somebody needs
To know the time
Glad that I'm here

Watching the skirts
You start
it's so entrancing
It seems to be made for us two
I said, I want to just keep right on dancing forever
Dear, dancing here with you

It's three
did three big flips for
Three cool chicks

Up pops the first cool cat
He said, "Man, look at that!
Man, do you see what I see?"
"I want the middle