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savage that curse queens 
I'm something from his worst dreams 

First we handling first things, I'm subsurface unseen 
Grat'll hold planet by purse
Freedom puts my faith in none above.

If there's a time, that we ever see
The nature of life in reality
Then I want to be there -
To kick at the answer
(live) Album of Iron Maiden
It was a good day of Ice Cube
Bigger, Better, Faster, More! Album of 4 NON BLONDES
Creep of RadioHead
Kiss This Album
of this
(Believe) Is happening
(Hey) None of this
(You tell yourself) Is happening

Oh and
If I start to tell you anything, please don't pay attention

Don't want no part of this, none of the above
I don't want no part of this, none of the above
I don't want no

Take me to church
'Cause I
Black listen, Jaron and Bryant
Next position was right about now, we need the radiohead ridging me, 
While I hit the road on tour to support the record
this container
Is gotta lithograph so it was glass so frame it
Say it again
The hitman
The hitman
Say it

Some people say I'm extreme broadcast
holding her hand
You wanted to make love
It was just who she was
For she was not loved by none

By none

You didn’t want to know who you were
a half a year"
Psychodrama city, don't need none today

Me and my friends got on a plane
One of my friends got off again
To this day don't know why
a half a year?
Psychodrama city, don't need none today

Me and my friends got on a plane
One of my friends got off again
To this day don't know why
wouldn't help her none
I mean, wouldn't help her none
It wouldn't help her none

Whoa, times don't get no better
Peoples, I'm gonna have to go
Times don't
Understand I want peace like Gandi
But until that day I'ma walk this way so

Lay it on me
I'm talkin' all night long
Lay it on me
Like a bang
a government solution

I don't want you treading on me
I don't want you spitting on me
None of this you would ever
Do face to face

Yes, I'm different
that spell
You're gonna learn to love midnight
Inside this pumpkin shell
I gotta few new magic tricks
Your Godmother can't do
And I'll show you want it
there's a man I know
With no expression
He's got none at all

But you may never, never
See this man laughing
Come to think of it,
I've never seen him
me must suit me to a tee

I want every bit of it or none at all
'Cause I don't like it second hand
I want all your kisses or none at all
Give me lots
sloppy, baby
Isn't it lovely that we can still be good friends
I know you still want me, because I'm so lovely, baby

If you diss me you'll sell copy
a son
You don't want none
I've been there trying and I don't give a damn
I'm gonna cash my checks
Money in my hands
No thanks the world is okay by me
I don't want to worry you none but I got the hurt on the run
I just cut out the poison that was in me so long
Watching you tear out my heart only
day before
does it show that I don't want to
a naked girl
will take my picture
a day goes by
it's great to feel
your hairy
My request is simple, it's every child's desire
I only want your blessing

Daughter, dear daughter, you're nothing but a fool
This world is governed by
wants me I give in
I want her
I want him I don't want anything
I started questioning the rules of coupling
This strip is Mobius it's never ending
have none though they have tried

Someone is drowning down there in the flood
But this river will dry by tomorrow
Is it ocean or stream, this love in
the nameless girls in cars rushing by
That's where I find you tonight
And in my heart you still survive

None but the brave
No one baby but the brave
'm feeling inside
I won't hide it
I'm second to none

I want to enter my pain
My slain memories
My final atrocity
I'm second to none

As time has