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every time youu need it)
To satisfy your fantasy. (Whenever you're ready baby)
Baby I'm able and willing cause I want it(I'm lying here waiting My dear
'm kissing you 

Let them all go chasing after rainbows 
I have found my pot of gold in you 
Your love is all I need to satisfy me 
Nothing matters but
To satisfy your appetite.

La la la la la la Potatoes,
Boiled, French fried, any old way that you wanna decide.
Hot potatoes, yeh,
I want your lovin'
Of excitement
And relaxation?

I want to be
What she needs
In every phase of life
And every situation

'Cause having my baby with me, baby
I'm able
(I'm lying here waiting, my dear, you can get)
(What you want every time you need it)
To satisfy your fantasy
(Whenever you're ready, baby)
So come and lie here by my side
'cause your love it hurts so good
Every time, every time

Maybe I'm a fool for loving you
Maybe I'm a fool
Maybe I
'mma be gone, well I can satisfy your fantasy

Tell me baby, do you like what you see?
I can satisfy your every need
You should know by now that I like

Good loving is my occupation
I want satisfy my situation
Let me hear your good demonstration
I wanna give you little demonstration

I want
If you wanna go and leave your man
Go on, I'll understand
But then the night gets dark, all is still
Pray for me, I know you will
Hard row to hoe
out everyday

So baby, I got to know just what you want
What you need in each and every single way
Yeah, yeah

If you ever want it to satisfy your
happen to me every day
No excuses I've got anyway, hey
I'll satisfy your every need
And, now I'll know you'll satisfy me, oh my-my-my my-my

Let's spend
And take you by the hand
Oh I want to be
Your Superlover Man
Oh I want to be

You know that I'm the one to satisfy your every need
Everything you want
you're gone there's a part of me
That goes crazy with longin' for you
When you're gone there's a side of me
I can't satisfy on my own

By myself I'd be
"Lord, Please guide my steps.
I commit my way to You.
I won't make a move, until I hear Your voice!"

Don't wanna make a move!

I gotta be
has no end
Your mercy satisfies, it's all I need
My purpose found in You alone
to love the lost and bring them home
We were made to glorify our king
Confide in me
Religh on me
And I will try to satisfy
Your every need
Through the day
'Till we say goodnight

Take it slow, easy go
Any friend
My given time is this
Live and die by the grind driven by the fist
Where do you place my name 
If I never played your game
We don't race
body every single night
I wanna hear you scream
I wanna hear you sing to me

[Chorus: x3]
want it to be
Oh baby
Can't you see whatever you want
I'll satisfy your every need

You and me
Oh, you're good, babe
Everyday you're good, babe
right here with me, baby
Gotta have your love every minute of the day
Keep you satisfied in every way, I'll take you to your ecstasy
You're all I need
Every morning I wake up by your side
Ohh my feeling is so strong I cannot hide
I want to hold you every second that I live
And when you ain't next
I need your loving now
Let's not hesitate
All I do is try to take control of my life
Cause I know don't wanna make the wrong move
Please stop
easier upon yourself,
By makin' it hard on you!
But it's the lies in your eyes
That make me wanna cry--
It's just sometimes I get so lonesome
--I could
Every time I see my
Baby home,
I wanna kiss a little
Better so I get stoned.

Gonna spread her pretty
Legs so I can see,
Sweet lip honey be
crow then its time to go
Cause there's horses that need breakin' and cows that need pennin'
I do what it takes to keep them girls grinnin'
Every girl